Creators’ Rights Analyzed

Updated January, 2014: See Copyright Clarity: Artists Informed for a primer. Put in a language that creative’s can understand, gain a basic understanding of intellectual property rights to create a strategy of response and protection.

Eleanor talks analysisCreators’ Rights Analyzed


The revised The Second Life® Terms of Service has a lot of creators and developers  upset.
The language is vague and sounds like residents give away their investments to Linden Labs. 

For creators to become aware of these issues means growing up. When the little “Agree” box gets checked, know what that means. Not fun to read, and purposely made so, there are good ways to deal with it. This special report on Creator Rights from Sim Street Journal, is quickly responding to concerns and presenting realistic analysis.

Digital Property Rights in Second Life: Times have Changed by Kylie Sabra describes how the UCCSL is the united voice  for defending creators’ rights with Linden Labs. 

The Customer Doesn’t Care by Heavy Writer presents a contrasting view on who has the power and what strategies are applicable.

Second Audience: Defining Issue by Eleanor Medier. On Oct 19, the Content, Creators, & Rights Panel, comprised of three intellectual property attorneys, spoke to an audience in the Rose Theatre Auditorium of about 70,  another 50 assembled at the original landing site to watch the stream together, and another few  hundred watching live. The conversation of those in the second audience could provide commentary, clarity, and conclusions from the panel (which is three hours long, now available for listening pleasure; also see Second Life Newser‘s concise report on the panel). Leading the investigation into the ToS  is the United Content Creators of Second Life (UCCSL).

Ten Ways to Defend Creator Rights by Eleanor Medier, who is a real life published author on creative business practices, works with intellectual property attorneys, and has served as an expert witness in ownership and payment disputes. Having won three law suits over designs stolen also contributes to an understanding of the system.

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