Facing the Inevitable

SSJ#8-bannerSim Street Journal Issue #8 • 2014 (CONTENTS) Sim Street Journal pushes the potential of virtual worlds. Against both accurate and inaccurate perceptions of real life society, this tool has a long way to go for real acceptance and use. Yet it is inevitable. Any business that can go viral will. Each issue further refines this direction. Rather than present the best offerings from the virtual world, SSJ seeks to tangibly define the relevance bridge. Articles are by those who understand the medium’s potential most, with a spectrum of experience contained.


The Dark and the Light Megan Prumier is a developer that connects related, though not identical, realities. As a premier builder of destruction, her crafted structures present the haunting beauty of an apocalyptic landscape. Yet Megan’s bright personality is in contrast to these dark subjects, demonstrating entrepreneurial wisdom. (Please see Megan’s article, “Ruins to a Better Life” in the SL version of SSJ#8 that gives insights most appropriate in-world.)

The Future of Resolving Disputes Ellen S. Ross is a pioneer who sees an extension of her real life business as facilitated in the virtual. A mediator of emotional difficulties, she is both an attorney practicing locally, and a coach practicing internationally. Ellen balances her solo practice between the real and the virtual, adjusting her approach to differences and similarities. (Please see Ellen’s article, “Calming Conflict” in the SL version of SSJ#8 where she discussions in-world adaptations.)

Challenging the Obstacles Patrick Lichty is a reflector that teaches virtual instruction in real life as he develops virtual platforms for education. Illuminating the future of education through virtual media, he combines in-world development with real life university instruction. Patrick’s long second life has grown with, and advanced, the platform. His focus is always centered on the horizon. (Please see Patrick’s article, “Laser Vision” in the SL version of SSJ#8 where he shares his in-world evolution.)

Intimacy of Distance Jordan Reyne is a performer who mirrors a real life career with a virtual, one, developing international fans. An original musician of haunting and innovative sound, she blends  entangled cultural roots from rock to blues to ballads to the undefined. Jordan makes the most of integrated media. Her eclectic themes are cultivated equally between the virtual and the real. (Please see Jordan’s article, “Virtual Vantage” in the SL version of SSJ#8 where she gives advice about in-world performing.)

Moody’s Musings: “Expectations Tara Lopes fearlessly attacks the monetary structure in its responsiveness to real life. She asks questions that others are afraid to ask, realistically looking at the virtual music industry. Tara gives perspective from the journey, and explores the current direction. She presents the state of three viewpoints and economic concerns: musicians, venues, and fans.

The Aesthete & the Amateur
Part 1: The FixerHeavy Writer and Eleanor Medier confront creative hazards. Against a background of copyright strife, the fictional couple continues their saga of educating one another about cultural issues. Heavy inadvertently discovers a new form of justice, while Eleanor coordinates their next critique.
Part 2:  Free Expression” The Freedom Project from the University of Western Australia As leaders of the virtual visual art community, UWA continues their innovative exhibits by presenting the works of artists disabled in the real world, but reborn into the virtual opportunities. FreeWee Ling curated this rich collection. (Please note that four works are critiqued (by Traskin Snakeankle, Ama Avro, ParkArt Collaborative, and Talia Sunsong), including the couple’s favorite in the show, in the SL version of SSJ#8. This review is not meant to declare which pieces are the best, but instead, are the most discussable. There are many works which dazzle in this show, and congratulations go to all the artists who participated.) Online works reviewed: – Krystali Rabeni, “A Helping Hand” – Megadeus, “Mental Prison” – Slatan Dryke, “Yonder” – iSkye Silverweb, “Speechless Freedom”

HOT TOPIC: Cyber Crime Earns Guardian DogHeavy Writer seeks the victims of virtual world crime and then will alert readers to forms of defense.  

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Enjoy different, but related, issue versions: online and in-world (available at the Second Life® SSJ office (Innu 40, 36, 1650) or here as a PDF: sim street journal #8.
Back issues are available on MARKETPLACE).

Sim Street Journal examines the relevance of this totally created world, and its potential impact, on the real one. It is impossible for so many talented, experimental, and tech savvy individuals to come together without having profound influence. Within its pages, SSJ will query what can be learned, gained, and used from the virtual commercial and cultural environments. Like its namesake, Wall Street JournalSSJ also seeks to bridge commerce and culture, but in this case, it is also between the virtual and the real.

Index of all issues profiles, columns, and overviews:

“In-world to Out” examines why a second career is fulfilling for so many talented and visionary residents.

ISSUE 1: Finding Purpose in the Virtual World” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 3: The Best of Both by Eleanor Medier ISSUE 4: Different yet the Same” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 4: Legacy and Longevity by Ty Lomes, Snug Harbor
ISSUE 5: Courage to Speak by Kylie Sabra, Curator, Rose Galleries
ISSUE 7: Copyright Clarity by Eleanor Medier, publisher Sim Street Journal
ISSUE 8: Challenging the Obstacles by Patrick Lichty, University of Wisconsin “Relevance Review” discovers what the virtual world has to offer the real one through sector perspectives. ISSUE 1: Music Renaissance” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 2: Witness to the Virtual County Fair by Kalanite Bluestar
ISSUE 2: Is the Future in the Past?” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 6: “Twelve Points of Relevance by Eleanor Medier

Pioneer Profile presents leading virtual entrepreneurs who reveal wisdom gained.
ISSUE 2: Dancing with the Issues by Uzo Dayafter (Arkad Baxton)
ISSUE 3: Quest to Do It Better by Machess Lemton
ISSUE 3: A Moving Momentum by Galilla Sinatra, Rug Halberd, and Martin Yeats
ISSUE 4: Nature as Redefined by Sudane Erato, New England Estates
ISSUE 5: Clearing the Fog by Yanik Lytton, Fogbound Blues
ISSUE 5: Fit for Survival by Kaddan Yue, OMG! Inc. Fashions
ISSUE 5: Reaching Out to Reach In by Arkad Baxton, Avatar Social Network
ISSUE 6: The Business of the Game by Skip Oceanlane, Capital Exchange
ISSUE 7: Suite Intelligence by KT Syakumi, IntelliGroup
ISSUE 7: Ear to the Ground by Amy Nevilly, SecondAds
ISSUE 8: The Future of Resolving Disputes by Ellen S. Ross, attorney, coach, mediator
ISSUE 8: The Future of Resolving Disputes by Megan Prumier, entrepreneur and builder

“Critic’s Choice: Artist” critiques artists by experts on the streets, to reveal first and second life balances.
ISSUE 1: Blindboink Parham Preserves Legends”
ISSUE 3: “Only of the Heart from TerryLynn Melody by Heavy Writer and Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 4: Tributes and Tales by Russell Eponym
ISSUE 6: Interpret and Connect by Kevin M. Thomas
ISSUE 7:  Emotional Translator by Paris Obscur
ISSUE 8: Intimacy of Distance by Jordan Reyne, musician and author

“Critic’s Choice: Presenters” critiques venues and managers by those who know, explores the challenges, and discovers bridges.
ISSUE 1: Crossing Culture by Kalanite Bluestar
ISSUE 2: Blues Hues by Kalanite Bluestar includes:
• Jaco Fitzpatrick, Crossroads
• Yanik Lytton, Fogbound
• Caylene Linette, Cay’s Blues at Woodland Lake
• Van Hoffnung, Bagdad Café on Route 66
ISSUE 3:Supporting the Stage by Sparkie Cyberstar
ISSUE 5: “Fueling the Fire by FreeWee Ling, Curator, University of Western Australia, 3D Art Challenges

Moody’s Musical Musings” by Throughthesewalls Moody:
ISSUE 1:  Preview of upcoming column.
ISSUE 2: Economics of Musician Incomes”
ISSUE 3: Closer though Farther
ISSUE 4: Social Media as Music Support
ISSUE 6: “Fan Focus
ISSUE 8: Expectations

“The Aesthete and the Amateur” by Heavy Writer and Eleanor Medier reviewing:
ISSUE 1: “University of Western Australia 3D Art Challenges”
ISSUE 2: “Rose Theatre and Galleries exhibits”
ISSUE 3: Arguing Abstraction by Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer review 3d installations, recipients of LEA grants:
• Nino Vichan, “When the Mind’s Eye Listens”
• Cica Ghost, “Rust”
• Mantis Oh, “Ascension”
ISSUE 4: The Accident and the Albers” by Heavy Writer and Eleanor Medier reviewing:
• Moeuhane Sandalwood, “Shadow of a Nightmare Past” from “House of Memories
• ChapTer Kronfeld, “Purgatory – Laeuterungsberg”  (Seven Deadly Sins)
• Haveit Neox, “The Backyard” from “House of Memories”
ISSUE 5: Revenge versus Sacrifice by Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer reviewing:
• Fran Benoir at Twilight Gallery
• Samara Barzane at Twilight Gallery
• Molly Bloom at Rose Galleries, Angelica Gallery, and her own gallery
ISSUE 6: Accident versus Intention by Heavy Writer and Eleanor Medier reviewing:
• Ally Aeon studio
• Ginger Lorakeet gallery
• Xirana at Active Gallery
ISSUE 7 Part 1: Mysterious versus Obvious Realism by Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer reviewing:
• Part 2: Gem Preiz (“Aliens or Ancients”)
• Part 3: Liz Lemondrop (“Views to the Outside”) Both show at the beautiful Angelwood Bay Galleries
ISSUE 8 Part 1: The Fixer”  by Heavy Writer with Eleanor Medier
• Part 2: “Free Expression” The Freedom Project from the University of Western Australia – Krystali Rabeni, “A Helping Hand” – Megadeus, “Mental Prison” – Slatan Dryke, “Yonder” – iSkye Silverweb, “Speechless Freedom”

“New Voices” introduces Buckley36 with Fresh Eyes

Ask Ann advice column that runs in each in-world issue (available from kiosks in-world and Marketplace).
This content deals specifically with issues inside the culture of SL. Some of the concerns asked to Ann SLanders have equivalents in real life. Enjoy the edgy concerns that puzzle many beleaguered avatars and seek help for the most perplexing causes of drama.

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Enjoy different, but related, issue versions: online and in-world (available at the Second Life® SSJ office (Innu 40, 36, 1650) or here as a PDF: sim street journal #8.
Back issues are available on MARKETPLACE).

Contributions are encouraged if covering topics relevant to the real world readers.
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