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Ideas are everywhere, flying around like birds alighting when inspiration calls. Within the virtual world, ideas are internationally abundant! There is only one limitation online for the creative person: time. Those who master its use, who harness it like a net to capture and materialize ideas, thrive in the virtual world. No one makes better use of ideas or time than Bryn Oh. No one understands the fusion of real to virtual more than those who pursue duo creative careers.

Sim Street Journal seeks to clarify the complex nature of a virtual international society, particularly from the creative point-of-view. Creative thinkers can get the most out of this parallel world—to make it their own, to find meaning, and to influence others. Sim Street Journal #18 features Bryn Oh, who  personifies this direction in her prolific and profound art that both defines her aesthetics and sets the tone for the artistic landscape within SL. Anyone who cares at all about the visual (and who can be in such a visually rich medium as SL and not??) knows of Bryn Oh’s contributions. Her aesthetic language is highly recognizable, comprehensive, and evolving. So it can be a bit overwhelming for those who only know her work from afar.

So, asking the artist to recommend her most pivotal works gives not only a place to start, but a short-cut into starting at key points. Bryn describes herself as a “cat on a keyboard with surprising results.” She prizes freedom more than anything, and is determined to protect it virtually. It is hard to imagine how she produces so much, but the best thing to do is dive into her narratives and become immersed. Immersion is her subtheme: calling herself an “immersivist” artist. She candidly reveals to these pages how her career has developed, why she chose the seven pivotal works, and what happens from here:

Insights from an Immersivist” by Bryn Oh

Becoming Bryn: Pivotal Works by Bryn Oh” review by Eleanor Medier

Capitalizing upon time is a goal for every creative resident. Though tempting, it is not possible to live 100% in the virtual world. (Those who try pay a dear price in their real lives!) To use time as the  most valuable resource is a daily pursuit for the inspired. Asking the contributors of Sim Street Journal how they synthesize time between their two lives, their insights give a compass upon which to relate:

Time in Simultaneous Worlds” by Contributors of SSJ

Worlds of Time” introducing collaborative images by Eleanor Medier / Liane Sebastian

Thank you to Bixyl Shuftan for permission to use the portrait of Bryn Oh.

The in-world edition of Sim Street Journal #18 has articles (soon available here in PDF and on Marketplace, but until then, find in kiosks at advertiser locations and at the SSJ offices):

Developing Depth: An Aesthetic Approach” by Bryn Oh, Immersivist artist

Pivotal Perspectives of Bryn Oh” review by Eleanor Medier, critic and publisher

Freedom in Focus: Advice to Artists” by Bryn Oh

Worlds of Time: How contributors balance second and first lives” by Contributors to SSJ

“Who Has the Time?” Gallery of collaborative art based on time by Eleanor Medier

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