Profile of Readers

The readership of Sim Street Journal is balanced between sector interests, but are all serious about growing cyber businesses. The journal bridges between virtual worlds and online businesses, as one tool in a suite of integrated networks. A stage that brings together all the platforms, Second Life® is the largest of the virtual worlds and a major focus of SSJ avatars.

Demographic Profile

• 40,000+ combined in-world and online readership
articles most appropriate for real world readers who may not have experience in-world but with to expand experience and tools
70% of full readership access online
70% female, between 30 and 45 years old
72 countries comprising 50% North American, 40% European, 10% includes Australia, South America, and Asia
Facebook integration with exposure into twenty groups

articles most appropriate for resident readers
excerpts of online articles attracting readers to both versions
hub for resources including LMs, links, notecards, offers
kiosks in over 100 key locations and growing

• Concerns of readership:
– expand skills and experience
– explore new directions and build confidence
– achieve life balance in both worlds
– utilize efficiency and tools
– experiment and strategize
– integrate what is unique in virtual reality

• Interests that bridge virtual to online to real:
1. Education and Training
2. Entrepreneurs
3. Finances
4. Products
5. Visual Art
6. Music
7. Games
8. History
9. Fundraising
10. Programming
11. Business Centers and Incubators
12. Legal Services
13. Counseling Services
14. Publishing and Media

Contributions are encouraged if they cover topics relevant to the real world readers.
Comments and opinions are also encouraged.

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