Aesthete & Amateur 10 parts 2 & 3: Focus Wins over Distractions

(The role play of art critic Eleanor Medier, and her less-than-professional (and proud of it) fictional husband Heavy Writer, continue their struggles of trying to change one another. She wants to teach him about aesthetics and he wishes to teach her about what matters in art. This episode builds from Part 1: Desperate Measures by Heavy Writer

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Focus Wins over Distractions by Eleanor Medier

After Eleanor spends all the couple’s money on art to teach Heavy greater appreciation, she does feel guilty. In SSJ#8, she anticipates her husband’s anger, so she spends more money on a present for him. Guilt is a powerful motivator. But distraction influences behavior even more. If choosing this strategy, remember that predicting how someone will react to distraction is risky. Often there are unintended consequences.

Confident that she knows his behavior well, Eleanor predicts that Heavy will stomp off after angry declarations and hide at his fishing camp. Once there, he will discover the new boat that she purchased for him, after sinking his antique in SSJ#6.

But Heavy doesn’t do what Eleanor predicts. Before she can judge his reaction to her shopping sprees, she has to leave town to speak at a conference on cyber culture. She expects, upon her return, that he will be so busy celebrating his new boat, he will forget to be angry. And, she brings home a nice check from speaking. Furthermore, she has priorities, and his new boat is not one of them. She has work to do.

Her next assignment, as a critic, is a review of original approaches to visual work. Choosing several favorite large galleries, Eleanor prepares to her notes and plans. Hopefully, Heavy will accompany her. Then, she can determine his attitude from the most recent skirmish, of which she is certain she has won. After all, those who control the money get to make the decisions. Let him think, for his male ego, that he controls the home and the schedule and the entertainment, but, at the end of the day, it is she who earns the bacon.

Arriving home by cab, she finds Heavy sitting on the porch, predictably, with a beer. She is so focused on seeing him, she neglects to turn and look at the condition of the garden, of which she had left containing a sculpture. He looks happy enough. She cheerfully approaches: “Hi darling—you look quite content. How are things here? I am sorry to interrupt before you answer, but I have to run and review some exhibits. Do you wish to come with me?”

He pauses to consider before he takes another sip of beer. “Things are quiet. And sure, let’s go.”

He jumps from the porch, and they hurry to the garage. As they choose a vehicle, he is smug in the disguise— her entire art collection (minus the Hopper that they both love) is contained right in front of her, without her ever guessing.

[Please note that Part 3 that reviews Heavy’s favorite painting in the gallery appears in the SL in-world version of the magazine, available in kiosks (see Eleanor Medier’s Profile Picks) and soon will be on Marketplace.]


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