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Sim Street Journal would be negligent if only presenting those who earn full or part-time livings in virtual worlds. Many more treat their in-world careers as meaningful, but limit time spent. Some practice their craft only occasionally. Many balance well with their real lives, so relevance matters to experience more than as a full-time vocation.

Perhaps the best example of those who enhance real life with an in-world pursuit are the DJ’s. They commit to a schedule, form a friendly core group, and develop a fan base. What matters most is sharing their passion for music, and relating to a community. Some DJ’s talk between selections, some sound like radio DJ’s; all engage participants. They master audio technology, develop distinctive avatars, and evolve social skills. As the center of a club’s regulars, they contribute to venue owners, bring in new friends, and become part of that club’s personality. They are closer and more involved with audiences than in real life, and each has a different balance.

SSJ#10on-DJ intro

Because SSJ seeks real life relevance from virtual experience, to investigate DJ viewpoints warranted asking a direct question to several:

How has being a DJ influenced your real life, or vice versa?

Thinking that a bunch of short responses to this question can be sorted and edited, imagining so many would sound similar, when collecting the actual responses, it was overwhelming. So, the article as originally intended for the magazine, has become two: in this issue, #10 is a spectrum of ten DJs’ answers. (Then, in #11, to release next, the second part presents just the DJ’s of Fogbound.) To read the full responses, please see the issue in-world. The short quotations here are edited for what is relevant to the out-world reader.

Overall, the DJ’s are an extroverted bunch. Their passion for music, their charismatic personalities, humor, and ability to welcome others, all shine through computer screens. An audience member can show up in any club to hear their sets, feel part of the party, and relax. Unlike attending bars or concerts in real life, the convenience and company is liberating for those that enjoy fun friendships and shared musical experiences. The DJ’s themselves intertwine their passion for music, joy of interacting with others, and expanding their experiences. They can measure their successes by the fun that they, and their returning audiences, have. (Please see in-world magazine for full quotations from each DJ.)

2-SSJ#10on-DJ lorah


Experiences a deeper relationship with music, the saying that to know something better, teach it. The same with music. To discover what recordings the audience most loves brings out the contagious nature of music. When hearing collectively with others who enjoy it as much, the commonality is bonding. To appreciate the same moods, to experience the same jokes and stories, to get to know the DJ who brings the personality to the party, all take advantage of the virtual platform.

My taste range in music is huge, so I can forget after a while. But, somehow music stays in your head—way back there—and suddenly it comes out. SL makes me recover it all, little by little. Being a DJ also makes me bolder and more social because it has no connection to my real life, where I am a loner. It is safer to confide in people here. The closer you get, still there’s a buffer between you and them. Friendship in SL just goes, maybe because of the distance. Also writing gives you a chance to think before you say. It forces clarity.” —Lorah (lohrahlahnah), see her article “Renewed Through Music.”

2-SSJ#10on-DJ spiker

Music is food for the soul. I can’t imagine life without it. DJ’ing enhances my appreciation—taking requests and hearing so many more bands and musicians—more music than I ever imagined! It gives me a balance between SL and my real life. If the people I play to appreciate the music I play, that’s a bonus.” —Spiker Upshaw

2-SSJ#10on-DJ dwight

Being a SL DJ has exposed me to music from other parts of the world that I otherwise would never know. Having this world-wide arena enables me to not only expand my tastes, but it also shapes my sets to the audiences.” —Dwight Georgia

2-SSJ#10on-DJ west

DJ’ing, owning my stream business in real life and SL, go hand-in-hand. I use the same tools I sell, so it helps me know the health of the servers and what not. It betters what I sell both in and out of world.” —West Habercom

2-SSJ#10on-DJ shockwave


The DJ is a researcher, editor, librarian, behind the scenes. Then, instantly becomes a crowd-reader and performer. There is a balance between love for certain musical selections and knowing what will match the setting and audience. The best DJ’s have a passion that is contagious. Their personalities shine because of a sincere enjoyment of both being at the center of the activity, and for pleasing others. Anyone who is a people-pleaser will find this job appealing. But it takes much more than just a delivery; it takes the consideration in preparation, the skill in knowing how to weave an atmosphere, and a knowledge of songs like resources to be tapped at command.

DJ’ing in SL is for fun, to support our group, and share with friends. Real life is odd and usually interferes with getting into SL. I build in real life so I became a builder automatically when coming into SL. Being a DJ is very different—I don’t do it in real life. It is for socializing. I can play silly tunes in the mix that lighten moods.” —Shockwave Yareach

2-SSJ#10on-DJ hy and iso

My real life wife, Isobela Capalini in SL, and I often co-DJ. We are not in it for the lindens, just for the music, and the fun of playing for people in clubs. Our mutual love of music, and our DJ work, brings us closer together than ever before.” —Hy Gynoid

42-SSJ#10on-DJ kj


For the creative and sensitive resident, SL is like a mirror on steroids. Not only is it a crash course in community sociology, blending of ideologies, creative wonderland, and parallel world, it is a place to learn more about self patterns, values, and responses than in real life. Someone, in a place where freedom of choice is the rule, the second life is defined by such choices, not by circumstances. the situation is designed, the lifestyle dictates activity, not the the way around. So it is like a self-realization workshop. Those who succeed the most are the ones that integrate the lessons the most into both first and second lives. Many of the DJs have experienced life-changing realizations and experiences.

Being a DJ has given me a lot of self confidence in real life. It also helps me deal with stress as a relaxation outlet, especially when other people like the same music as myself.” —KJ Kiranov

2-SSJ#10on-DJ uzo

When I DJ in SL, it’s like stepping out on a stage. In the second I do that, I leave everything behind for the next two hours. It’s nothing like I am in the general every day. If I was having a bad day, my audience would never notice it. I entertain—not just play music—so it’s really acting. I joke, I make up things, and do whatever it takes to entertain the guests. The biggest way that DJ’ing affected my real life is in meeting my wife. She fell in love with the DJ, and then got a husband.” —Uzo Dayafter

2-SSJ#10on-DJ chris

Years agoI was inspired by a blues DJ who mainly played commercial songs, of which I don’t normally listen. I thought: ‘people are here for the blues; I can bring something more to them!’ So, that very night (I must say I was a little under beer), I asked the sim owner to let me try. After a few days, I was surprised about the feed back. The encouragement made me try being a blues DJ in my real life too. AND THAT WORKS PERFECTLY! By learning how to entertain in SL, I can now do it in real life.Chriscloud Loon



Please see in-world “More than Music” and “Renewed Through Music” for the full quotations from the DJ’s. This online version has comments from editor Eleanor Medier and highlights from in-world.

How the DJs for this series were chosen:
SSJ asked one question to a selection of representative DJs, starting with those who have known the magazine the longest and venue owner recommendations.

SL Friends List—known the longest—
Uzo Dayafter and KJ Kiranov

Contributors—included in past issues—
Chriscloud Loon and Spiker Upshaw

Venue supporters—recommendations—
Hy Gynoid and Isobela Capalini from Cay’s
Dwight Georgia and West Habercom from Muddy’s

Friends of friends
Shockwave Yareach from Bixyl Suftan
Lorah (lohrahlahnah) from Chriscloud Loon

Then, because of being such a Blues fan, the biggest surprise in preparing this article was the enthusiasm and personalities of the Fogbound DJs—so much so, they have spun off into a separate article that will be released in SSJ#11:

   Bob Corrigible, Mae Vanistok, Stusie2Funny Emerald, Joe Dude, and Axle Wharton,
with Heavy Writer  and Gregg Torgeson


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