Issue 11

Ideal becomes Real by Eleanor Medier, Sim Street Journal publisher


Serious fun is satisfying. The virtual society has some advantages over the real one that show up most when it comes to what residents enjoy. Through observing what is most popular, a sense of wonder unites foremost. (Please read Fantasy Fulfillment introduction.)

Forming an ideal world means looking and doing what is wished versus required. So residents create avatars as self-portraits, build dream homes, embark upon journeys of discovery, and share cultural experiences—all have become the backbone of SL’s economy.

Fashion—one of the largest sectors, is represented by Greenie Lane’s G&T Creations. She has successfully makes her fantasy life her real life. In-world, she describes how romance began in SL and carried over into real life. Online she gives greater insights:
In “Growing a Merchandising Mind,” Greenie describes her business approach.
In “A Wide Creative Focus,” Greenie shares how she blends her various talents.

Simulation—vehicles are a great niche market and Manu has found a specialty within the niche, which he shares in “Niche Knowledge.”

Music—Fogbound DJs possess a common commitment to inspiring the bond Blues creates between patrons. Yet each is unique in approach, motivation, personality, and experience. Eight DJs define how their SL careers affect their real lives:

Out of the Fog: Fogbound DJs Share Blues Spirit” by Eleanor Medier, overview which includes Stusie2Funny Emerald, Michel Moeleneaux, and:
— Mae Vanistok, “Meeting Through Music
— Bob Corrigible, “Only Passion Pays
— Cadence Carolina, “The Old in the New
— Joe Dude, “Two Sides of Music
— Larai Dreamcatcher (Larai Arai), “Featured Focus
Axle Wharton, “Finding Self

• Visual Art—The Aesthete and the Amateur:
PART 1: Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer arrive at Space 4 Art Gallery
PART 2: ChapTer Kronfeld
PART 3: Harter Fall
PART 4: Asmita Duranjaya



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