A Wide Creative Focus by Greenie Lane

Continuing the theme of satisfaction, creativity is a major reason to engage in the virtual world. Greenie Lane provides more than beautiful fashions—she has created an ambience environment and culture of romance.

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A Wide Creative Focus by Greenie Lane

Growing a business with a partner takes compromise. Though our skills compliment, Troy had his ideas about how and what to do, and I had mine. When we purchased our own sim, I hired a builder—which turned into three builders—and wish I had sacked all three! None could realize my ideas. So we built ourselves, which took almost three months.

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A Creative Orientation

SL keeps me going, no matter what. When I finally learn something, SL does upgrades with scripts or sculpts or mesh, etc., etc. Because I love to make all myself, I am continually keeping up. Plus, I handle male and female designs, so releases take twice as long. Then shoes and jewels and hair and weddings— LOL!

My breakthrough for launching my brand was with tuxedos and my first gown, a split dress, open on the side. It’s old by now, but people still want it. So I made it also in mesh to give options. The classic tuxedo, “Antonio,” is my bestseller for men. Currently, I am working on a full Western line of matching male and females designs.

About 30% of my business is for weddings. It can be more, I think, if I would make sexier gowns. But I prefer realism. I think we create how we want to be in real life. And I love a full formal style. Jeans are just jeans, and so many people make them. I made some, but just as extras, because customers asked. It is a special group that prefers realism. Not all want sexy, but all do want full style.

I love doing themed outfits—that is real, free designing—just how I want it. I hope to fulfill the desire we all have for celebration, carnival.

Unlike many design houses, I spend too much time on a design to make a new release each week. To do everything—design, build, take pictures for vendor boxes, add to blogs, and manage Marketplace, I need a month! Devoted to my own creations, I only do custom work for color switches. Custom designs cost a lot more than 100L! Most customers don’t wish to pay what it takes, to be honest. When someone does have a request, if I see something in the idea, I may make it. If commissioned for a custom wedding gown, I keep the design behind until the wedding day. Then I add it to the store.

A few designs were created by requests from customers. The last was “Symphony.” The client saw the gown “Sonate,” but wanted it sexier, and in pink. So I created it in pink, but didn’t put that color in the store. It’s nice in pink, but it looses the power of the creation. A wrong color can break a design. She was pleased with it, and gave me a show in the ballroom, so we both were happy.

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To be honest, I don’t like mesh. Maybe because I can’t make my own mesh clothes from scratch, it kills much in creativity. I do work with mesh just because I must keep updated, and it has more options. Yet, anyone can buy a full perm mesh outfit on Marketplace for 250L, add colors, and sell them for 10L or 25L. Some people add a flower and a pattern to a mesh gown, and voila! They got a dress. Suddenly the 3D builder is the designer! But get the same mesh gown enhanced by a real Photoshop artist, and see the difference.

I would like to have more knowledge of mesh, but I can’t get myself to spend six months, full time, to learn it. I think mesh is hype, and people that sell it also advertise it as wonderful, making a few of them rich. That said, mesh shoes and mesh add-ons can be great.

Nothing beats a flexi gown, so now many amateur designers add flexi skirts to mesh gowns. What’s the use of wearing mesh then? People refused to rebuild the shapes when we had sculpts. Now they hide them fully with alpha layers. Suddenly the body does not count anymore. Newbies fight with the alpha layers. Yet stretch mesh gives you the same fat ass as a system skirt!

Quality matters, tho many have not really experienced it. There is such a special feeling when you buy a gown, rezz it, and it flairs down in a soft wind—and you say, ‘WOW!’

Sometimes I’m disappointed when I think a design is good, but it’s a no-go in sales, and I can’t put my finger on why. Fortunately, this does not happen often. Other times, I can’t believe how fast a gown goes! Offering cheap sales items to my group is useless. Customers will buy because they want it.

What I love makes me always be designing. When creating a dress or tuxedo, new ideas pop up. And I think, or I hope, it will be a trend setter. If I make a gown, I rezz flexi skirts for days and try which suits best. My house is loaded with flexi gowns! I test how they move by dancing. It keeps me going to think of something new. But it’s also stressful—there is never a rest. My biggest challenge is always to make another top seller. To maintain growth, I don’t change what I am offering, I only add new releases.

Designing for men is hard—it must be wearable. There are some amazing men’s fashion I see sometimes in blogs, but I never see them worn in a club, or anywhere. Men are not such fashion addicts or as flexible as we girls. Creations for them are limited to a jacket, shirt, and trouser. You can’t add stoles or flexi skirts.

If a man can match with his lady’s gown, the link is fast done; often she makes his decision. Most men have no idea what to wear—same as in real life. But when I made the “Cassablanca” outfit, it was my partner Troy’s idea. He is pretty addicted to a few outfits. If it’s not a match with me, I ask him to dress up. But we don’t go out as much in SL as we did, since we live together in real life now. Instead, we take a free evening and leave the computers off.

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ADVICE TO A NEW DESIGNER: Be sure to create your own products—no full perm templates, etc. Try to make something special and new. Too many templates are sold, so there are 100 stores that sell the same dress. Instead, recognize your own creations always. It is not easy to be original. And it takes time to build into a store that is successful. It’s not something you do as one-two-three. People think because things happen fast in SL, they will be successful fast as well.


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