Aesthete & Amateur Part 3: Harter Fall

Harter Fall brings mesmerizing kinetic progressions to abstraction.
(The Aesthete and the Amateur review three artists from Space 4 Art).

SSJ#11-harter-FBHeavy: “Look what Albers would have done if he would have come into SL.”

Eleanor: “This movement is mesmerizing!”

Heavy: “Hehehe. I knew you would like these—I know you so well. Look: cubes, cubes, cubes, and squares. Usually movements of textures change too fast makes you dizzy, but this one doesn’t.”

Eleanor: “This is fun and serious both. They bring something new to the table, and they work with the medium. They are so fun to watch. It makes me try to seek patterns. They are like an abstract movie.”

Heavy: “Good color sense too. I bet he admires Albers.”

Eleanor: “And good progressions. I am getting a sense of the under- structure. There is a logic here. You can really live with a piece like this. This one is called LYOKE, whatever that means.”

Heavy: “See? There is abstraction I like.”

Eleanor: “Yay!!!!! They look very different from a distance too.”

Heavy: “This sphere in the corner is the same artist.”

Eleanor: “Oh it is?? I passed it by. It pales compared to the color works. Strange because its circular form should make it more domineering. It is called RISEN. Yet it has no color. I feel this piece is a missed opportunity, unfinished even. And this artist has a good color sense. It seems a shame not to use it here.”

SSJ#11on-harter fall- SCAAKS-sz

Series continues with one more artist review from Space 4 Art:

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