Out of the Fog: Fogbound DJs Share Blues Spirit

DJs at Fogbound share a focus and common spirit. Presenting eight talented, knowledgable, and skilled DJs, Eleanor Medier introduces and edits this series that expresses this special group’s uniqueness.


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Admitting that Blues is my favorite music genre, I frequent Fogbound to hear more range than I choose on my own. In real life Chicago, I end up following my favorites. But SL gives me the chance to not only hear more, but to make friends, and share the listening experience. Discovering Fogbound as a newbie, the DJs that Yanik Lytton attracts have a deep commitment to knowing about the Blues and why it becomes a community.

To create an article on DJs, I felt conflicted because I have many friends that are great ones. So, I went to three close sources: contributors, old friends, and Fogbound. Then, I asked each:

How does being a DJ in SL affect your real life, and vice versa?

Surprised by the variety of answers and experience, the range of personalities are revealed! The question opened the door of further discussion for some. Others were satisfied with one encapsulating statement. But they all have a deep passion for sharing music. The relevance to real life is the balance they achieve in their virtual lifestyles.

With such enticing answers, two articles resulted: Sim Street Journal #10 (last issue), that presents viewpoints from nine DJs. Here are eight DJs from Fogbound that share their passion for the Blues, build a community, and define the relevance between a virtual and real commitment:

Mae Vanistok had a winding real life broadcast background that let her naturally to it in SL.
Meeting Through Music

Bob Corrigible came to choose a DJ career after owning and managing clubs.
Only Passion Pays

Cadence Carolina wandered into Fogbound, only to discover the potential to share Blues history.
The Old in the New

Joe Dude is a real life musician and being a virtual DJ allows him to be inspired by a range of music.
Two Sides of Music

Larai Dreamcatcher (Larai Arai) has a real career as a virtual DJ, and a greater social outlet.
Featured Focus

Axle Wharton feels to be more socially authentic in the virtual world.
Finding Self

Additionally, those satisfied with answering the question with brevity include:

“Being in a musical family, my hubby plays guitar and son plays drums. And I have always loved music since I was four years old. It influences my real world a lot. I love to share my type of music, but I love all genres. SL gives me a little outlet for my very own. Mostly I DJ, and with that, I do a lot of research. So I mostly sit and listen to music and make song lists which is fun. Each day I realize how many artists are out there. Everyone knows SRV, but there are so many others from all over the world. When versatile in SL, it is fascinating to discover.”Stusie2Funny Emerald

“First, I love music—always have, always will. I sing in choirs occasion- ally. Also, I was able to be a DJ for a brief moment in my first life. I love pursuing this endeavor in Second Life. Being a DJ forces me to keep my ears open to new music, as well as older. It keeps me close to something I am very passionate about. The biggest change has been to get to learn a genre that I wasn’t that familiar with when I started—the Blues. DJing makes me discover artists and music that I haven’t known about before. I keep learning, and love it still…”  —Michel Moeleneaux

“To promote the Blues is a great reason to DJ. Many people are not aware of it, especially in Europe. SL makes music genrés better known due to passionate DJs. They are the base of SL entertainment. They tend to fly under the radar and deserve attention. They don’t brag much.” —Heavy Writer, former Fogbound DJ for 3 years

All demonstrate that being a DJ is a craft. It is a blend of talents that culminate in an engaging experience. First, a DJ defines a niche—in this case, the Blues. Then comes crafting the sets to be both mood-setting and responsive. Finally, hosting. To grow an audience requires consistent engagement and becoming known for an approach. So, though these eight Fogbound DJs share a genré that defines the club, each has a unique spin with very different ways of connecting to real life.

Finally, no portrayal of Fogbound can be complete without comments from one who has been around since the club’s first days:

“We are fortunate to gather a staff line-up of those who genuinely care for Fogbound as more of a community than just a ‘club.’ There is a Family-feeling here, which includes not only staff, but a large majority of loyal patrons.

Though I’m not a DJ, I do provide the WFOG stream that runs in between. Around through the years, I have met all of the DJs.

My work with Fogbound is very different from my real life. Being retired, Fogbound is my core ‘hobby’ and a central part of my every day. It is a learning experience—both enjoyable and immersive. Most importantly, it is rewarding to contribute to something that brings a smile to peoples’ faces.”

—Gregg Torgeson, radio host and long-time Fogger

Also profiled in Sim Street Journal #5, Fogbound owner Yanik Lytton, “Clearing the Fog.”



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