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Larai Dreamcatcher (Larai Arai) has a real career as a virtual DJ, and a greater social outlet.

SSJ#11on-DJ laraiMy real life hubby didn’t take my work as a DJ seriously at first. He is not in SL. I’ve been tryin’ for almost the entire time I’ve been here. He’s afraid he’d get addicted to here. And we have two rules: no secrets and no road trips. In my picks I’m probably one of the very few females in here that does this when the hubby isn’t here. This has served me well for almost 7 years. And I just celebrated 13 years with my hubby.

It took a while to find a good balance here. This is my real life job. I am disabled and pretty much a shut-in, a lot of that by choice. Now, I guard my real life time rather jealously. And when I am done working,’ I leave.

I did try a bit of internet radio, but… well I didn’t care much for it..it’s very lonely. I crave the interaction. So while it takes a lot of hours in this chair to make barely part time minimum wage, I love my job. I used to do 40 hours a week. Now, I do five sets a week at Fog, and have two sets at other venues. I am rather anal when it comes to work ethic. This is NOT a game to me. It makes my teeth itch when people refer to SL as a game!

Fogbound makes me feel so welcome, and missed when I am gone (I was down for ten days in June due to a hack), short of a standing ovation. Fogbound, admittedly, took about a month to warm up to me. But ..now I don’t know what I’d do without them! They set the tone for my day… they are the first thing I see.

Being a DJ in SL is a social outlet that it balances my life. In real life, all I have is my hubby my dog and well.. my peeps in SL. My real life family is scattered and rather out of touch, short of the answering machine or Facebook.

I also have two things that I came into and will go out of BOTH worlds with and that is my honor and my integrity. This may sound a ‘lil melodramatic but that is who I am.

With the exception of classical music, ALL music is based in Blues, from country to death metal. But the blues…well…I think the greats—Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Howlin Wolf, and John Lee Hooker, said it best: ‘you can’t play the Blues unless you’ve lived the Blues.’

I was branded “Mistress of Mellow” by another Blues DJ and sister. I guess it fits me rather well, both in the style of Blues I prefer as well as my disposition. Smiles. It takes a lot to rile me up.

Also, I do a tribute set to an artist per month. I just did Gary Moore. I do a lot of research, not only on the artists that I feature, but on the artists that inspired them and that they inspired. Their tunes are mixed in the set. They are pre recorded presentations with live voice mixed in for commentary.

As Yanik and Saphire have told me…. Fogbound is a teaching venue, and I love to educate. All the artists that we know, and love their music, but are clueless on how they get there and how long…what they are doin.’ Blues has such a rich heritage— ‘slave shouts and spirituals’ or gospel.

I just found “Thunderstruck” in Blue grass format. lol… acdc done in bluegrass. I love Blue grass and Yanik said I could play some as long as it’s surrounded with Blues. No one realizes how many categories there are in the Blues. This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves—when some ass says ‘that’s not Blues.’ I hand them this notecard, and tell them to go educate themselves.

I do try to stay humble to the greatness of the artists I spin.


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