The Old in the New by Cadence Carolina

Cadence Carolina wandered into Fogbound, only to discover the potential to explore and share Blues history.

SSJ#11on-DJ cadence

In SL for over 7 years, I spent the majority of my time on platforms learning to build. When sculpted prims were introduced, I either had to upgrade my skills or find some other reason to maintain a presence in SL. For a few months, I wandered aimlessly, until I stumbled into Fogbound one night. The late Brother Bear was DJ’ing and I heard music I had never heard before—acoustic, raw, slice-of-life tunes. I was hooked. I went to as many of Bear’s sets as I could, and hung out at Fogbound listening to the other DJ’s.

A real life friend, who knew of my growing interest in vintage Blues, was kind enough to send me a hard drive with over 60K tunes as a birthday present. Then Yanik gave me a shot at DJ’ing. I found my r eason to maintain a presence in SL. However, I often felt like I didn’t fit because I mostly focus on pre WW II music. Many would leave during my sets, but some stayed, and continued to come back.

Music was only a faint background in most of my real life, so I learn about old-time music as I go along. I read about the history of the Blues history—the bios of early artists. It takes hours on the internet searching for artists new to me. Through listening to other DJ’s, I learned it is possible to mix old with new and make sets that appeal to a broader base of patrons. Whether there is 15 or 50 people in Fogbound, Yanik is always encouraging and complimentary, which allows me to stay true to the music I love.

Classic Blues are a window to a time most of us cannot imagine—the legacy of a people who endured so much which form the roots of music we listen to now. This is my obsession: trace a song to it’s beginnings, hear the story that inspired it, and share this with others.

I’m at a new place in my real life. My six children are grown and creating their own lives. For the first time, I live alone. I’ve struggled to find out who I am without the labels of wife and mother. DJ’ing in SL gives me a new identity and a fresh purpose in both lives. The good feelings I get from the positive feedback during my SL sets carry over into my real life and provide me the inspiration to learn more— to find new stories and music to share. This probably sounds hokey, but this is my truth.


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