Issue 12

Through extremes come the greatest insights. Sim Street Journal #12 boldly represents the best and the worst of the virtual world. A search for excellence is also balanced by an investigation into the darker side of experience.

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Pay the Price by Eleanor Medier, publisher

Because it is totally created, the virtual environment is like a petri dish for growing sociology, economy, culture, or entertainment, fed by pure human nature. With ideal conditions outside the limitations of the physical world, the freedom found affects behavior. Anyone active in-world for longer than three years will say that the knowledge of self and others attained is accelerated over the rate of change in reality. Time moves faster. And the interactions are international.

This issue examines the best of the virtual world, in the form of its culture, and the worst of the virtual world, in the form of its dangers. The more experienced gained, the former can win out over the latter.

In this effort to explore both ends of the spectrum, the opportunities nurtured by the cyber culture do make the dangers worth handling. And, the heartbreak of those victimized can be soothed by awareness. Even for the most productive and inspirational experiences, there can’t be joy without sorrow, or success without failure. Is not progress often three steps forward and two back?

Those who present Second Life as a utopian renaissance or as a villainous den of vice both do it a disservice, though both are true. Part of the value in the virtual journey is to learn from this freedom, knowing that with choice comes cost.

The contributors in this issue are willing to pay that cost for their achievements. Each describes an approach to the virtual world that works to bring out the best and handle the worst:

• “Music as Muse” Tip Corbett
Music exemplifies some the virtual’s best artistic use. Tip fuses live improvisational performance with his real life composing career. His experience evolved into a focus that nurtures both.

“The Crafted Welcome” Sword Starfall and and Anouk Koray
Building a community can satisfy the social side of SL. Sword and Anouk turn club-owning into mini-careers. They know how to construct an environment that is an oasis in what can seem an overwhelming world.

“Victims of Virtual Temptation: Seduction” Eleanor Medier
IN-WORLD ONLY: Taking a journalistic risk, Eleanor writes about a slippery concept: seduction. The techniques that work so well in real life are exaggerated with new twists in the virtual! Awareness is the only possible defense.

“History Rhymes: Review of Rose Borchovski”
When art makes a concrete social statement, it can change perceptions. Rose portrays some of the biggest lessons in real life history through an elegant and profound installation. The Aesthete and the Amateur visit and share impressions that exemplify virtual considerations.

“No Man’s Land” by Heavy Writer
Heavy continues his quest to conquer aesthetic understanding, but has to confront the realities that are often part of the art world’s shady business practices. He finds his own impulsive solutions to the problems many face.

ONLINE ONLY: INTERACT WITH ART series presents conclusions from reviewing forty virtual works. Because the discussion is ONLY about the work itself, and not the biographies or published intensions of the artist, how the visual language is most effective becomes clear. The Aesthete and the Amateur debate considerations that can be applied to viewing all art.

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