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Realities Blend by Eleanor Medier, publisher

After a while, the virtual world becomes more like the real one. Although missing the teleporting, flying, and changing clothes with one click, what remains are people. Whatever can be done in SL that can’t be done in the real world is minor. Yet, there are enhancing opportunities due to convenience and international reach. Artists and craftsmen flourish the most.

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Every person is creative on some level. Separated by degrees of talent, the virtual platform opens doors for seekers to try, without expense, what abilities may be hidden that will flower given the light. Happy to have such a focus, the virtual world has become a large cauldron of idea mixing.

The real world is brutal to creatives. The competition is dog-eat-dog, the business of art is not really about art, and promotion is as important as creating. Publishers won’t produce for an author unless the author comes with a marketing plan as well as a polished manuscript!

SL is a relief from this reality where creative efforts are only a small percentage of what it takes to “make it.” Gaining recognition and income are as difficult in both worlds, but SL allows more time to spend on the craft itself, interacting with an audience, and meeting other artists. It always feels like a miracle.

Frustrated artists in the real world come to SL and feel as if woken from a bad dream. Suddenly here is a place where they can do what they want. Also they soon find that the virtual makes the real more tolerable as they bring their external commitments in-world.

• Anek Fuchs knows real struggle as a musician. Fans love his explosive energy and passion. SL brings out his best expression and gives him direct contact with his admiring audience. And, blending the two worlds of performance gives him an edge in each. “Attuned Annotations” by Anek Fuchs

• Harry Cannned found opportunity to share one of his great real world passions—the work of Leonard Cohen. Few artists express the depths of human experience as well as Cohen—author, poet, musician. Sharing his insights and expanding that to include a radius of musical sounds, Harry always keeps a consistent base to the Leonard Cohen Club. Cerenaika Cimino and pjotterman Belgar also explain how building a community of appreciative friends opens new relationships of understanding. “Minding the Muse: The Leonard Cohen Club”

• JudiLynn India knows that the virtual world is much more than a new form of studio. Although adding the digital element to her visual work is as natural as adding color, the medium is a world as well as a platform. Producing and showing her paintings in both worlds gives her a greater range of creative possibilities and interactions. “Abstract Intuition and the Art of JudiLynn India”

Wisdom is always transferable, and it seems, always earned. The virtual world is an innovative adventure because it is a parallel life. But the longer that life continues, the more it reflects the real one.

Those who achieve the most and last the longest find a fusion with real life. The more like themselves they are in the virtual one, the better integration of the two realities, until they blend.

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