Lemony Leadership by River Lemondrop

After four years of several locations, Lemonrock found a home in virtual Soho. I fell in love with the place and convinced the management that Lemonrock is a music venue and not an art gallery. LRC has evolved into a venue where both visitors and artists feel at home.

SSJ#15-Quadrix peforms


I love starting the creative process and urging others to then go with it—employees—and, to an extent, the members. I look for unique—if that is possible—ways to give the club that wow-feeling, and one that makes returning a must, not just to see a favorite act.

From the business side, I have to be realistic. Growing a club that presents live music and original tribute themes is not going to be very profitable. That is not the reason to have a club, but money is necessary to keep it alive.

Finances are crazy. No one could ever run a club in real life like we do here. But it’s easy to see why. In real life, I could clean up on bar sales. Its a simple comparison. I don’t do it for profit, of course, or even to break even. I do it because its the most rewarding activity I’ve found here. I get back so much in raw emotion on having 40 people turn up for a show. And if I get tips, it’s a bonus. I get a huge buzz to see the club full, bursting! But conversely, I can get buzzed from even 15 in the house, if the chat and atmosphere is good.


We have a budget which is sustainable. My partner, Emily North, and I fund from the heart for our enjoyment. And that works. I never have to think “oh shit, we lost money again.” As they say: “How do you make a small fortune in SL? Start out with a large one.” We are more than happy to fund our, what I call “our indulgence and our passion.”

Emily explains: “Look—that act is 5k lindens [monetary system of Second Life®]. That’s what? 4 dollars? £3? I can’t even get a decent glass of wine for that in a restaurant!” Ems is the financial wizard in the family. She does spreadsheets and stuff, which I pretend to understand, especially performers. She’s my Ninja PA!



The music is really me. I want to get my passion over—short, funny, and pithy—much like myself. I love to make people laugh.

Live music in SL is incredible. I perform live in real life, but that is a doddle compared to laying your- self on the line to an audience you can’t really hear responses from. You trust they are there. Other acts say its more nerve-wracking to play in SL than in front of a hundred real life people. In real life, you can blank it all out and pretend not to see the look of either bewilderment or horror in their eyes and once you start, thats it, you just go for it. In SL, you have this interface. Its not natural. But I think the good ones transcend that and get a huge buzz in SL too. I admire artists here. I couldn’t do it.

I have lived with music all my life; I’ve played in bands since I was a teen. So its neat to be here and have a similar, but different, life.

SSJ#15-TerryLynn on stage

In SL, I have learned that I am rather good at being River, my avatar. In the past, I was down on myself, not confident. I could hide it because I’m a good actor. But being River, having a partner, co-owner/best friend (Emily), and and creating the LRC has filled out my SL and helped do that in real life. Now I’m more confident. I can better take compliments and accept failures. See, I shrivel up when people say nice things to me. So SL is good at hiding that. We all need our shields and defenses. Those help us never fear to fail. Confidence sneaks up on you when you are not paying attention, when you are too busy getting things done. Its only when you’re asked, like now, that you even think about it. Real life and SL are symbiotic—one helps the other. When I’m in SL, I totally immerse myself, as I do in real life {helps to avoid being run over when crossing roads, etc.).

Real life is the same as SL but I can’t fly. I prefer the term “First Life” to real life. It is easy to apply FL skills in SL, but it is rather more of a trick to reverse the process. The worlds are similar and totally different in the way that tears can be happy and sad— both emotions ruin your makeup, of course. The trick is to use the best of both worlds in either.

It’s the friends you make and help and cherish that matter most. It makes a second life satisfying and, well, real.

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