Sponsors #15

Sim Street Journal #15:

WRE-ad600W Real Estate: Premier in real estate, Katya Dirval is a special sponsor for Sim Street Journal, having the first position and supporting the publication from the beginning. Her profile reveals the reasons for her company’s leadership status in Second Life®. Virtual real estate is the foundation for a SL lifestyle, mirroring the same function in real life, with the advantages of instant travel and perpetually sunny days. Anyone in need of land, from small parcels to whole sims, is wise to check first with W Real Estate. Also, enjoy Katya’s article in SSJ Pioneers, “Loving the Land.” Main office: Weezles Real Estate (200, 131, 2008) Shop: Weezles Real Estate (186, 128, 2008)

SSJ#6-relevanceH ty adTy Lome’s article on Snug Harbor inspires any virtual manager or developer. A visit to his properties on the Blake Sea demonstrates the best of SL lifestyle! Discover a comprehensive community of shops, clubs, homes, docks, and even a museum! Not many sims offer such a great variety of features, while maintaining the privacy of residents. With access to the open waters of the Blake Sea, this vibrant community is worth a visit just to see the variety of activities and the beauty of the communities surrounding. Snug Harbor is one of the oldest and leading on the grid. Ty conveys the history, his journey, and his virtual lessons of life in “Legacy and Longevity,” SSJ#4.

Lemonrock-ad-1pLemonrock Cafe presents the top musicians, tributes, and DJs in SL. Open conveniently to U.S. or European time zones, the environment is warm and comfortable—a home away from home both for performers and guests. River Lemondrop, with extensive experience as a club owner, shares the components of a successful club in her article  “River’s Recipe for Lemony Leadership” by River Lemondrop

9-SSJ#10-ASNadAP Holdings: A not-quick visit to Marketplace will demonstrate how expansive Arkad’s products have become. There is little that Arkad Baxton has not attempted in the virtual world. He owns a mall as well, and is the founder of the Avatar Social Network, designed specifically for those with second (or even third or fourth) lives. His other self, Uzo Dayafter, is a club owner, host, and DJ. Somehow the real person behind these two avatars accomplishes as much as two people! Profiled both for his “Arkad’s Axioms for Virtual Marketing” and as a renaissance man in “Axioms Applied,” he has sound advice for an entrepreneur in any world. He also is a good friend, mentor, and promoter of Sim Street Journal. Proud to be a charter member of ASN, this collaboration is a win/win!

G&T Fashions by Greenie Lane offers elegant and classic designs that are wardrobe additions for the sophisticated avatar. An advertiser in Sim Street Journal for a long time, her fashions and her shop fit well with the readership of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, explorers, and those who are serious about discovering what the virtual world has to offer. Dressing is the most self-expressive part of the virtual experience! And a great way to celebrate is with her holiday-themed selections. Greenie is featured in SSJ#11, in-world with “Living the Fantasy” and online with “Growing a Merchandising Mind” and “A Wide Creative Focus.” She has melded her two lives together by joining her SL partner in her real life. She discusses the challenges of reality and the romance of a real fantasy.

Book Island-1p adBook Island, a SL cultural cornerstone, is founded and managed by Selina Greene is a long-time supporter of Sim Street Journal. Any resident aware of literature and publishing knows this sim. With the many booths of creative Show & Tell, the activities, events, and group community make this a place for Show & Share! Connecting writers with publishers and publishers with readers, Book Island maintains leadership in the virtual worlds. Selina share how she has built and sustained such a vital and inspiring environment in “How to Earn Impact” featured in SSJ#13.

OMG-ad600OMG!, Inc, Fashions: Kaddan Yue, owner and designer of OMG!, has experienced every aspect of the retail fashion business in SL. Riding the roller coaster from the very early days, she adapts and recreates her approaches, while being true to her own creativity, while also satisfying the customer. That balance gets sharper with each collection. Her newest designs are the most sophisticated and flexible yet, with a shop easy to navigate. Shop: Dreamt (119, 222, 3572) She shares her insights in “Fit for Survival” in SSJ#5.

Fogbound adA legend in Second Life and a club fiercely committed to the Blues, Fogbound is unparalleled. The DJs are knowledgable, for just presenting music is not enough. There is a spirit shared by Blues lovers that penetrates the soul and creates a common bond among the devotees. Miles Davis said “If you can’t play the Blues, you can’t play music.” At Fogbound this is taken very seriously, and even those with a strong background in the genre will discover forgotten tunes or new titles. It is always enriching to spend a few hours lost in the Blues, and somehow, coming back to the unreality of virtual world, and then into the real, seems in better perspective. Don’t miss several of Sim Street Journal’s presentations of Fogbound’s bounty:
Clearing the Fog by Yanik Lytton”
Out of the Fog: Fogbound DJs Share Blues Spirit

  Paris-ad600 Paris Obscur: Moody and provocative, Paris’ sultry voice and humor both charm his growing fans. Though he may appear austere in his fascination with black, and though his songs are of depth and longing, he envelops listeners with a warmth powered by his personality. Presenting every emotion in his repertoire, he brings the same intensity to a range of songs and styles. Catch him in the afternoons via European time, and sample his music on his website. Don’t miss his article “Emotional Translator” in SSJ#7.



There is no place in Second Life® more fun than Cay’s at Woodland Lake. A beautiful outdoor setting features some of the most talented DJ’s spinning Blues, Soul, and Classic Rock. Further, there are comfortable and welcoming homes for rent. Why take the time to shop and decorate when the homes can be customized for each resident? Cay’s is a community surrounding her popular music venue, with parties every day of the week! If looking for a place with all the advantages, don’t pass up the opportunity to live in this fantastic sim. Cay has more fun also when talking with Sim Street Journal in her profile for SSJ#2.

55-SSJ#10-Muddys-adsIf looking for a classic club with amazing music that is open 24/7 with every kind of popular tune (Blues, Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, Classic Rock, Covers, Country, and even Alternative), look no further than Muddy’s. Run by Bridget Hammill, she has a talent for finding talent. Several of her DJ’s are included in Sim Street Journal #10: Dwight Georgie and Hy Gynoid, who are happy to share their wisdom with fans and would-be-fans, in “Musical Catalyst” online and “More than Music: DJ’s Discover Relevance” in-world. If ever in need of diversion, community, and fun, this club will not disappoint.

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