4. Xirana Oximoxi: Symbolic Personification

Symbolic Synergy explores the elements of Symbolism with Personification, as exemplified by the work of Xirana Oximoxi.

Review of work by Xirana Oximoxi4. Personification

Perhaps it is hard-wired within the human brain, but people tend to see a shape and quickly relate it to a known form, such as seeing faces in otherwise random shapes. Maybe it was survival in the jungle to perceive a predator’s face, and better safe than sorry if the shape turns out to be a play of light on rocks. It takes great mental discipline to not do this. The greatest abstract thinkers, and the phrase ‘thinking out of the box’ requires a setting aside of associative prejudices. A box is just a box, not a house or a table. A box can be both those objects, and iconographic of any geometric existence. To perceive a box just visually in relation to other shapes, and judge it for dramatic effect without making it into something representative, it can represent all things square. But the works presented for Symbolism are not abstract. They work with this human tendency to see stories within recognizable shapes. The viewer identifies the associative meaning, and finds a viewpoint within the created environment. It is fun to come up with the stories of what the images mean; the rules are to not speculate beyond the evidence presented.

“Thoughts” by Xirana OximoxiXirana Oximoxi plays with the ambiguity between personification and abstraction. Although most of her works do not utilize recognizable imagery, they must be considered when exploring Symbolism. In “Thoughts,” there is no viewer who will not see human forms in these marks. From a show about thought, these are compelling introductions to her larger body of work. Xirana will try anything two-dimenisonal—even portraits and childrens’ illustrations. Yet, her strength is in symbolic abstraction that sets up situations everyone can relate to. Particularly strong is the Thought series that use doodle-like deceptively spontaneous marks, even a visual calligraphy, that startles in their freshness. Depicting how people think, how emotions weave into thoughts, and the contained perceptions everyone experiences, is a challenge that Xirana can express. They are not dreams. They are not fanciful. They are pragmatic swirls of relationships and perceptions. Expressive of the human capacity to become confused as well as to resolve that confusion, many are caught in a perpetual dance of process.

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