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Few creators exceed their own expectations. Jayjay Zifanwe did not intend to be a leader of the virtual art world when he opened a Second Life® account. FreeWee Ling did not anticipate a career change when she joined. And Carmsie Melodie was looking for building tools, but never expected that her 3D virtual work would become more encompassing than her real creations. Those who start out with lofty goals rarely achieve them. They become discouraged along the way, because every pursuit takes twice the effort planned! But those who focus on what inspires, by a purpose larger than themselves, bring a depth and passion that succeeds. Jayjay was just exploring. FreeWee was looking for possibility. And Carmsie wanted a better place to talk about creativity and try some new ideas.

There is much to gain from their experience, in addition to their accomplishments. Sim Street Journal does not give the typical biographical profile in this tribute issue. Rather, this is a retrospective look at the art produced. It captures some moments from the 3D Art Challenges that will never be seen again, and are worth remembering. Most importantly, these articles ask: what is learned from these accomplishments? How can the wisdom from these innovators continue to enrich the community by example? What have the artists produced by being so inspired? Although this issue explores accomplishments, more importantly, it wishes to contribute to the continuing legacy begun by these visionaries.

For the 3D Art Challenges, the Pursue Impossible show is the last of the series. Since 2009, the competitions have grown, and the prizes along with them! The themes inspire the artists to step up, unite the community in a focus, give cohesion to the exhibitions, and offer opportunities evenly to everyone. The in-world edition reviews over two dozen works from recent shows and the permanent display on UWA’s sim. This online edition adds another twenty reviews. They capture graphic moments from Eleanor Medier’s attentive documentation.


Contrast Within and Without: Achievements from Artists as a Tribute to the UWA 3D Art Challenges
Eighteen artists’ work is reviewed in addition to those included in the in-world edition.

Environment Expanded by Carmsie Melodie adds to the in-world edition, but explores one work, “Cherish & Renew,in more depth.


• “Relevant Ripples” discusses the impact of the 3D Art Challenges.

• “Creative Contrasts” presents glimpses of over two dozen works that met the Challenges.

• “Art Accessible,” explores what the community has gained and learned from UWA’s leadership.

But first, when Eleanor Medier juried the recent Pursue Impossible competition, she dutifully turned in her top ten selections. Her first choice is “Achieve Impossible” by Carmsie Melodie. Because Eleanor’s vote is one amongst over two dozen jurors, she was delighted to discover her choices were all on the awards list (albeit in a different order)! When looking for an artist to exemplify UWA’s influence, Carmsie stood out. So Eleanor sent an IM to Carmsie, asking where readers can see more of her work. She answered immediately, which launched an inspired discussion. The two agreed to collaborate on an article to discuss her artistic development in the virtual world. Her example can inspire all aspiring artists.

• “Passion with Purpose” examines how Carmsie channels her creativity in new ways, evolves her ideas with her skills, and acknowledges the vibrancy of UWA’s role.

The online editions offer additional insights, articles, indexes, links, blogs, and social media groups.

Also, don’t miss these articles from SSJ’s archives, as this journal is another result of being inspired by UWA. Since the first issue, critics Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer have reviewed over fifty artists, many discovered from the Challenges (this issue adds another fourteen on these pages and more online):

Sim Street Journal #1 reviews works from UWA’s permanent show.

Sim Street Journal #5 captures FreeWee Ling’s approach to managing the competitions.

Sim Street Journal #8 discusses The Freedom Project that breaks new ground for less advantaged artists.

Sim Street Journal #13 presents Eleanor Medier’s selections as a judge for the Transcending Borders show.

Sim Street Journal #13 online captures wisdom from Jayjay Zifanwe in the development of the competitions.

Sim Street Journal #17, this issue, is a tribute to the results of UWA’s supportive leadership.

— Eleanor Medier, publisher, Sim Street Journal

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