Mistero Hifeng

Mistero Hifeng

Frozen movement, defying gravity, comes alive in Mistero Hifeng’s “I… io.” The psychological drama reveals the vulnerability of complex relationships. Power struggles wear down stability as figures clash and conflict, disproving the cliché of ‘what ever does not kill me makes me stronger.’ These figures fall apart from interactions where one character dominates another.

Mistero has developed a signature style of figures in various states of disintegration. His 3D works also translate well to 2D photographic presentations, many of which become more known than the pieces represented. The viewer never knows exactly what has caused the characters to find themselves in such conflicting states. Contrast is present not only between them psychologically, but situationally. Visually arresting, emotionally disturbing, masterfully created, Mistero’s approach utilizes virtual features with a distinctive maturity.

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