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SSJ#6-openerSim Street Journal #6,  2014


• relevant overlaps • musical interpreter • random or intentional art? • questioning awards

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Where realities overlap finds the greatest significance. If a virtual world is not relevant, it will not last. It is not a game but an extension of experience, a society, and a culture. With more freedom and options than the real world, how the talented take advantage of new tools separates the frivolous from the serious. All contributors have passion, conviction, and investment in the cyber community. They embrace the values that are crucial to success and impact in any world. But SL is experience on steroids. These explorations not only keep pace, but lead in the momentum.

Editorial Statement: Overlapping Realities by SSJ creator, Eleanor Medier

• “Twelve Points of Relevance by Eleanor Medier examines relevance from SSJ contributors, drawing conclusions about the major overlaps between realities. Compare experiences and see how many relevant points are encompassed by each.

• “Interpret and Connect by Kevin M. Thomas seems to embody all “Points of Relevance,” though he focuses primarily on his virtual career, finding it suits his lifestyle and ways of relating to his fans. Few people use Second Life to greater advantage.

• “Fan Focus by Tara Lopes speaks frankly to those in the music industry—and is a voice for all live music attendees. She brings a cold shower of reality to where it is most needed, and illuminates the most important aspect of creative success: attitude.

• “The Business of the Game by Skip Oceanlane offers sound advice for the potential investor in the SL stock market. There are lindens to be made by those who know what to do. Check out Skip’s primers and gain experience that is applicable to real market investments. His article appears only online and connects to Capital Exchange.

• “Ask Ann by Ann Slanders tackles self-esteem issues and dramatic conflicts. There is nothing she will not address, but always with a sense of fairness, appropriateness, and tastefulness. Polite behavior is the oil for smooth relationships. In a cross-cultural society of varying norms and conventions, the opportunity to misunderstand one another is huge. Let Ann’s wisdom cut through the drama. Her column only appears in-world.

The Aesthete & the Amateur Part 1: “Accident versus Intention by Heavy Writer questions art as a process of editing accidents or of creating intentional images. But first, he is victim to the revenge of his fictional wife, Eleanor Medier, as retribution for selling her Albers painting. Once she is satisfied that he is suitably punished, they review three artists who deal with accident and intention:

Part 2: Ally Aeon invites viewers to her studio.
Part 3: Ginger Lorakeet has a large gallery.
Part 4: Xirana shows a select collection at Active Gallery

The in-world magazine contains the viewers’ favorites and the online magazine contains a more comprehensive appraisal.

Avi Choice Awards: At What Cost Accountability? Heavy Writer questions the numbers and wonders how the awards are determined. Many residents consider winning a badge of honor, so what it really means is worth examining. This article is only online.


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