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SSJ#8-online openerSim Street Journal #8, 2014

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Sim Street Journal steps onto the bridge between virtual and real. Each contributor fearlessly offers residents a support infrastructure for their greatest concerns. Now with over 10,000 readers, this issue targets both the preferences and the topics based on the most-read articles. Presenting wisdom from experts, each confronts one (or more) of the most volatile aspects in a cyber society:

Megan Prumier is like a ray of light in a dark, apocalyptic world. As a builder who stands on the edge of personal preference and supplying the settings for societal fantasies, her niche hits the heart of SL’s strengths—role play, simulations, and fun. Read her two articles:
IN-WORLD: “Ruins to a Better Life”
ONLINE: “The Dark and the Light

Ellen S. Ross evolves her real life law practice to address the hearts within the virtual. As both a divorce attorney and a certified coach, she brings rationality to where there isn’t any.
IN-WORLD: “Calming Conflict”
ONLINE: “The Future of Resolving Disputes

Patrick Lichty perches on the frontier of education. With many visionaries becoming frustrated through dashed expectations, he knows how to make the tools work for the future of learning.
IN-WORLD: “Laser Vision”
ONLINE: “Challenging the Obstacles

Jordan Reyne artistically combines mechanical sounds into her music and straddles both worlds for performance. Nurturing a career that often seems out of control, she charms audiences with her tough vulnerability.
IN-WORLD: “Virtual Vantage”
ONLINE: “Intimacy of Distance

Tara Lopes fearlessly attacks the monetary structure in its responsiveness to real life. She asks questions that others are afraid to ask.
IN-WORLD and ONLINE: “Expectations

The Aesthete and the Amateur by Heavy Writer with Eleanor Medier: PART 1
IN-WORLD and ONLINE: “The Fixer
Against a background of copyright strife, the fictional couple continues their saga of educating one another. Heavy inadvertently discovers a new form of justice, while Eleanor coordinates their next critique:
PART 2 The Freedom Project from the University of Western Australia
As leaders of the virtual visual art community, UWA continues their innovative exhibits by presenting the works of artists disabled in the real world, but reborn into the virtual opportunities. FreeWee Ling curated this rich collection.
IN-WORLD artists reviewed:
– Traskin Snakeankle, “Lifeline”
– Ama Avro, “Passage”
– ParkArt Collaborative, “Freedom”
– Talia Sunsong, “Freedom Flight”

ONLINE Artists reviewed:
– Krystali Rabeni, “A Helping Hand”
– Megadeus, “Mental Prison”
– Slatan Dryke, “Yonder”
– iSkye Silverweb, “Speechless Freedom”

Heavy Writer tackles the biggest editorial challenge: cybercrime. But he can’t investigate this volatile subject alone, so he has set up a structure for those with examples, confidentially, to come forward and contribute to the body of research and solutions.
IN-WORLD and ONLINE: “Cyber Crime Earns Guardian Dog

Eleanor Medier sets the stage for the contributors to share experience. Responding to readers and addressing common prejudices, the forever-questioning editor/publisher lays out the terrain in her editorial, both in-world and online. Editorial Statement: “Facing the Inevitable

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