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 Sim Street Journal #2 • 2013


• master virtual entrepreneur
• voices of international Blues
• cultural critics consider

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To present the presenters, culture in Second Life® is ruled by the venue. There is a strong collaboration between the artists and those who promote the art. This month centers around those with the discrimination, taste, and influence to sift through the thousands of talented contributors, and find those to stand behind.

Editorial Statement: “The Old in the New by SSJ creator, Eleanor Medier



Uzo Dayafter  is the renaissance contributor. He designs products, builds environments, hosts an entertainment mall, and DJs a party every night. Although brilliant in all of these, he most excels in building a community.
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Dancing with the Issues” reveals how Uzo accomplishes what he does.

Kalanite Bluestar is the quintessential audience member and expert at determining significance in SL. Her discriminating warmth and curiosity has her flying all over the grid, which she did with exuberance this month.
Blues Hues” sets the stage for her selection of leading Blues clubs.
Witness to the Virtual County Fair ” is her visit to the SL 10th Anniversary exhibition.

Jaco Fitzpatrick discusses leadership and evolution of his legendary club. Edited by Kalanite Bluestar.
The Crossroads” gives a glimpse into what gives this Blues staple its personality and influence.

Yanik Lytton has a staunch focus and dedication to the Blues, and only the Blues.  Edited by Kalanite Bluestar.
Fogbound Blues” explains how this most favored club of all Blues fans has built its preeminence.

Caylene Linette is a perfectionist for entertaining. Learning through studying music venues, she can practise lessons learned from others.
Cay’s Blues at Woodland Lake” has found the right combination of music, fun, and friendship.

Van Hoffnung was inspired by a real life experience to build a recreation. Dedicated to emulating an existing culture, he has set up parameters that capture the real momentum.
Bagdad Café on Route 66” explores how two realities can reflect.

Throughthesewalls Moody (Tara) speaks out about issues confronting the music business. She fearlessly asks questions that many are afraid to. With experience in both worlds, she can valiantly compare.
Moody’s Musings” wonders about income for venues and musicians.

Eleanor Medier (me) has to speak out because I am the one putting all of this together. Each issue has a personality and form, this one centering around presenters of culture.
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Is the Future in the Past?” gives my overview impressions of the SL 10th Anniversary exhibition, to go with Kalanite’s impressions.

Heavy Writer gives his point-of-view for the relevance of visual art in the virtual world. Accompanying his fictitious art critic wife (who has the credentials he doesn’t have), he is able to voice what many viewers might think.
The Aesthete and the Amateur” has this unlikely couple visiting the Rose Theatre and Galleries exhibits.
Last month set the stage in the ongoing saga of humorous friction.

Also see related article by Kaya Angel, founder of Rose Theatre and Galleries

(Please see the in-world release for more photographs and articles, also available on MARKETPLACE)



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(Please see the in-world release or download Sim Street Journal #2 for more photographs and articles, also available on MARKETPLACE).


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