Critic’s Choice Venue Blues: Yanik Lytton, Fogbound

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Yanik Lytton, Fogbound Blues
Edited by Kalanite Bluestar and Eleanor Medier

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Being showcased on the Destination Guide always attracts new residents, especially on the days it makes its way to the first page.

Our goal is for Fogbound to be as close as possible to Blues, and only Blues.

We will be four years old this fall. For a long time, we were probably the only club featuring full sets of Old School Blues, “scratches,” and traditional. While gaining in popularity, we have strayed a bit to more modern Blues, but we still work hard on keeping it Blues only.

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We also have a Bluegrass place over on the other side of the bay: Mer’s Bluegrass and Bait. And a cosy beach that is hidden on the north shore. A campfire with lots of cuddle poses is on the west side. It is currently on my home parcel, but anyone can use it.

Fogbound is not based on any particular place. Wood and brick is common in any building up here in the cold. The main goal was to make it warm and welcoming. A place where anyone can feel at home.

I grew up in an artistic and musical family, but where making a good living was important. My work is extremely technical and complex, so SL is the perfect place to let go and be creative. Not like I consider myself an artist—not at all. But i like pretending to be one 😉

What holds our team together is that everyone is helpful, knowledgeable, and loves the Blues!


From Sim Street Journal #2 • Please click here to see contents.
(Please see the in-world release or download 
Sim Street Journal #2 for more photographs and articles, also available on MARKETPLACE).


Sim Street Journal #5 has a longer article by Yanik Lytton, “Clearing the Fog

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