Sponsors #1

Sponsors for Sim Street Journal #1:

WRE-ad600W Real Estate: Premier real estate, Katya Dirval is a special sponsor for Sim Street Journal having the first position and supporting the publication from the beginning. Her profile reveals the reasons for her company’s leadership status in Second Life®. Selling virtual real estate is the foundation for a SL lifestyle, mirroring the same function in real life, with the advantages of instant travel and perpetual sunny days. Anyone in need of land is wise to check first with W Real Estate.
Main office: Weezles Real Estate (200, 131, 2008)
Shop: Weezles Real Estate (186, 128, 2008)

CapEx-ad600Capital Exchange: There is little difference between the real stock exchange and the one in SL, headed by Skip Oceanlane. With a strict hold on the reins of fiscal accountability, Skip enables Capital Exchange to be both ethical and lucrative. For those who wish to gain confidence and experience in the fast-paced competitive world of stock trading, this is the perfect initiation. Most of the action takes place online, but the Capital Exchange office is worth a visit for resources.
Headquarters: Crystal Springs (192, 188, 26)


A master of images, Ramirez Torrance is a designer and a photographer. Blending both into highly crafted textures, he specializes in design for game huds, screen backgrounds, profile pictures, portfolio photos, business cards, logos, advertisements. As a virtuoso with technology, there is no visual challenge he can’t solve. Visit his gallery to see his revolving portfolio.
Business Park (198, 224, 22)


AP Products: A not-quick visit to Marketplace will demonstrate how expansive Arkad Products has become. There is little that Arkad Baxton has not attempted. He owns a mall as well, and is the founder of the Avatar Social network. His other self, Uzo Dayafter, is a club owner, host, and DJ. Somehow the real person behind these two avatars accomplishes as much as two people! Profiled both for his “Arkad’s Axioms for Virtual Marketing” and as a renaissance man in “article,” he also is a good friend, mentor, and promoter of Sim Street Journal.

Eclectica-ad600Eclectica: Virtual jewelry has similar parameters to real jewelry design and can be just as challenging to build As a virtuoso in using the SL as a creative medium, Tiffy Vella’s talents shine in her store. With both classic and innovative designs, she also has expanded to accessories such as hats, scarves, shoes, and whatever takes her fancy. Her store, Electica, is truly eclectic.
Shop: Sinaburoe (183, 10, 247)

MNP-ad600Music Not Politics: (Throughthesewalls Moody) Tara represents some of the top musicians performing virtually. With many years of experience on the grid, she writes a regular column for Sim Street Journal that explores the business side of the industry. As she develops new ways to promote and sponsor events, she compiles the lessons learned into an engaging and thoughtful exploration of the medium’s potential.

Guthries adGuthrie’s: One of the oldest, and certainly the best known folk club on the grid, Guthrie’s is a legend. Based on the real life Guthrie’s Foundation, the walls are filled with the classic heros of this gracefully transferable music genre. Perfect for the SL environment, the romance of the original singer/songwriter is reignited in this international stage. Guthrie’s showcases new and well known talents.
Club: Gigli Live (55, 172, 24)

ENT-ad2-600ENT SL RadioOne of the fastest growing radio stations in SL, airing 44 shows a week, ENT SL Radio hosts live performers, DJ’s, talk shows, and infotainment. A wide variety that has something for everyone, listen for Jazz, hip hop, classic rock.  A partnership with a Second Life based radio station extends communication into another media, albeit one very different than publishing. However, the talk shows, and opportunities to integrate with video blurs the boundaries between traditional media. The convenience is unparalleled, and flexible as this new station gets off the ground with innovative programming.
Visit: Bounty (229, 231, 401)

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