Interact with Art: Conclusions

Virtual visual art is reviewed from two contrasting points of view, The Aesthete and the Amateur, in a series. Eleanor Medier draws conclusions from including forty artists in analysis.


Fantasy Fulfillment

Sim Street Journal #11 brings realism to idealism—looking behind the scenes of the virtually enjoyed. Popular pursuits are presented that combine culture, commerce, and commitment.

Serious Fun

Sim Street Journal #10 lightens up with enjoying some of the virtual world’s greatest pleasures. Talented DJ’s, wise intrapreneurs, and insightful critics determine what SL can do best.

Motivated Learning

Sim Street Journal #9 investigates formal and informal ways of learning, bringing together educators and entrepreneurs. Together, they form a foundation for cultural growth.

Facing the Inevitable

Sim Street Journal #8 presents contributors who reflect, yet adapt, their real selves in-world. Facing perceptive expectations, they break through convention, respond to the community, and craft original approaches.

Luck Created

Sim Street Journal #7 discovers how luck is created through opportunities perceived. These contributors all listen to others and themselves. Thus they represent the universal from the individual.

Overlapping Realities

Sim Street Journal Issue #6 reveals virtual and real overlaps. Experiences extend, societies converge, and culture evolves. With more options, the virtually talented use new tools to separate the frivolous from the significant.

Champions of Expression

Sim Street Journal Issue #5 shows how to combine the strengths of a virtual world: social platform, creative canvas, and entrepreneurial incubator. By using all three to advantage, these contributors champion their visions.

Creators’ Rights Analyzed

Understand the copyright laws and The Second Life® Terms of Service to form a viable strategy of creative protection. Developers, artists, and designers need to question the impact of intellectual property rights. Find out what it means, what can be done, and receive advice from experts and leaders.

Telling Stories

Sim Street Journal Issue #4 tells stories, legacies, pays tribute, and looks at what works best to advance creative goals. The SL stage is set with two leaders from Blake Sea communities, a musician that has a real income from a virtual career, to artists portraying real memories and questions of reality. Follow their footsteps on the sandy beaches of imagination’s shores. Through their viewpoints, discover the potential of the virtual world.