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Portal to Possibilities

As a hybrid publication, Immersive Impact brings together all the segments of the Sim Street Journal Collection, Issues #1-18, in one place. With commentary on the music community, visual arts achievements, and entrepreneurial creativity, the theme of relevance gives continuity. Over 200 viewpoints blend into a portrait of virtual culture and its influence on first life.

Capture Time

Sim Street Journal #18 confronts use of the most precious resource: time. Artist Bryn Oh redefines time in her rich worlds of visual immersion. Contributors share how they integrate first and second lives.

Visual Music

Sim Street Journal #16 finds kindred spirits in the quest for using the virtual world to creative potential. A spectrum of artists represent the ambient advantages when media come together and become greater than the parts. Multi-talented creators are rewarded.

Fusion Features

Sim Street Journal #16 will explore the blend of music and art, and present symbolism through ten visual artists.

Cyber Synergy

Sim Street Journal #15 reflects the sparks flying from creative collaborators. With determined openness, complimentary talents, and inspired vision, each combination shares what it takes to stretch.

Realities Blend

Sim Street Journal #14 presents creatives who blend the virtual and the real in new ways. Both focused and experimental, each has carved out original and complementary successes.

Bridging Boundaries

Sim Street Journal #13 bridges the boundaries between the virtual and the real. In music, Dj’s incorporate; in literature, communities congregate; in visuals, artists compete. All examine relevance.

Archives Available

Sim Street Journal archives for #1-12 are available as PDFs (download at the end of each article) or on Marketplace for SL residents.

Insights From Extremes

Sim Street Journal #12 considers the best and the worst of the virtual world. From the most inspirational to the most dangerous, from serious to fun, parameters are discovered.

Serious Fun

Sim Street Journal #10 lightens up with enjoying some of the virtual world’s greatest pleasures. Talented DJ’s, wise intrapreneurs, and insightful critics determine what SL can do best.