1. Exposure

The themes that unite all of the articles in Sim Street Journal have a skeleton structure of eight topics. Each contributor addresses these uniquely, offering the opportunity to compare and contrast. And most importantly, this exploration is a chance to learn from others’ experiences, thus short-cutting individual journeys.

Sim Street Journal: Immersive Impact

1. Exposure— Sensitive people are influenced by their environments.

Most of the 200 contributors to Sim Street Journal discovered Second Life® from media— an article in a magazine, a news segment on TV, a Facebook posting. It attracts the “gamers” to be sure, but also those who’s imaginations and curiosity are ignited. Artists and scientists exist on the forefront of societal change, and they are the most vibrant participants in the virtual. On an average Second Life evening, there are between 48,000 and 68,000 residents logged in. Communities of interest are easy to find and engage, so the place is buzzing with activity.

A lot of “news” stories can come out of SL because it is a place of experimentation. Its international nature makes it a very unique society. Usually the outside perception of SL is one of entertainment. But this perception is only half true. It is the culture formed that is the most significant. The outside perceptions will change as the technology becomes more mainstream. But until then, public perception will continue to be formed by broadcast reporting.

“When I finished high school, I left Romania. It was 1989. And because I really missed my friends, I used voice chats—they only had voice and video— but listening to friends from my country, seeing them even using webcam, gave me the feeling of home. It was there at any hour, day or night.

“I found out about Second Life® in a magazine. I saw pictures of fantasy places that I wanted to see. Once in-world, I also wanted to create. One day, I did a keyword search for ‘blues,’ and I was shocked! There was a lot of Blues in SL! In real life, my dad was a musician in the 60’s.

I grew up with his guitars, and friends visiting to play. So I took some LMs, and FOUND MY WORLD!”

—Chriscloud Loon, entrepreneur, DJ, and club owner
Sim Street Journal #9

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These are more thoughts on the themes that tie all the articles of eighteen issues together. To experience the hybrid publication, “Immersive Impact: The Best of SSJ #1–18” Collection, you will need an account in SL. Reading this online collection is about the best introduction to the virtual world that you can find. “Portal to Possibilities” gives an overview of the overviews!

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