4. Self-knowledge

Few new residents in Second Life® expect that it is like a mirror—a place to increase self awareness. When assuming an avatar identity, the physical inconveniences and distinguishing factors disappear. What is left? Pure personality. People can be more themselves than anywhere! The perceptive contributors to SSJ all find this mirror illuminating and even life changing.

Sim Street Journal: Immersive Impact

4. Self-knowledge—Adapting to a community means developing social skills.

Take away physical considerations of appearance, social standing, economics, age, location, etc. and there is a clean slate for a self-portrait. An avatar is more revealing of a person’s values and tastes than a Facebook page or match-making profile. Although still rather a cartoon in representation, the crafting of an avatar image conveys self-concept. Yet, it is very easy to create a distorted sense of self, which indicates something more complex psychologically with its owner. It is easy to appear as any chosen persona—at least for a time. A mask is revealing due to its very existence!

In a place with an even-playing field, like-people attract like-people magnetically. Everyone in-world wishes to make friends with similar desires, tastes, activities, and interests. Those who search usually find what they look for. It is a world that is both created as the resident wishes, but deals with a much larger social context that exerts equal influence. How each participant reacts to those influences is highly self-revealing! Most residents claim they have improved their communication skills and ability to explain themselves—more decisively and accepting.

“In SL, I can be both better and worse than I even imagined. Mostly, I try to be the best me I can be. But I constantly fight that nastiness in me. In real life, it’s harder to be truly ourselves; society, family, etc., train us to wear masks. In SL, our traits can be more exaggerated—we are so anonymous. Being a DJ forces me out of my shell in ways not possible in real life—to do art or DJ, or make awesome avis. Here, we are limited only by imagination. Even time is an ally—to do things more effortlessly. And I love studying people’s creativity.”

—Rhiannon Colclough, DJ
Sim Street Journal #13

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These are more thoughts on the themes that tie all the articles of eighteen issues together. To experience the hybrid publication, “Immersive Impact: The Best of SSJ #1–18” Collection, you will need an account in SL. Reading this online collection is about the best introduction to the virtual world that you can find. “Portal to Possibilities” gives an overview of the overviews!

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