5. Purpose

After the newness wears off, the virtual world is still a wonderland of exploration. That part, for anyone with curiosity, continues. It is impossible to see and do everything! There needs to be a deeper reason for making choices and spending time in this created landscape. Contributors are all directed by their discovered goals.

Sim Street Journal: Immersive Impact

5. PurposeThe creatively curious make focused choices in a wonderland of virtual possibilities.

Residents are more themselves in an environment of pure choice. Those who thrive the most didn’t have a pre-conception of what they would do, but they did enter with talent, curiosity, and varying amounts of skill. Goals evolve, gain more depth, and originality. However, with international competition, the same combination of ability, tenacity, and experience matter as much in the virtual world as they do in the real. The conveniences in the virtual make competitors also easier to find, often resulting in new forms of collaborations. The real world is better at editing out (or limiting) the amateurs; the virtual world is better at allowing experimentation for feedback (market testing). It is a major decision for each talented resident to either augment their real world interests, or try something very different. SSJ is one of these projects, created by a book author/illustrator in the real world.

“I’ve been performing my originals for almost eighteen years in real life. But in SL, I have gained new fans—if we resonate with one another—a new connection. It feeds us both.

“SL can be a good marketing tool for CD sales—one of hundreds! So I never put all of my eggs in one basket. It’s a lot of work as an indie to build a career. It takes a team, dedicated loving friends and fans, willing to help or it goes nowhere.

“There have been real life gig offers where, when I consider the travel, the time, load in, load out, what they want to pay, and the fact that the gig is four hours long, it is not worth it. When you add up the time spent, the fact that most of the people are there to drink or eat and they just want background music—it is disheartening. SL and web-based performances start to look more and more appealing to an artist. When you average it out, sometimes SL is better than real life.”

—TerryLynn Melody, musician
Sim Street Journal #3

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These are more thoughts on the themes that tie all the articles of eighteen issues together. To experience the hybrid publication, “Immersive Impact: The Best of SSJ #1–18” Collection, you will need an account in SL. Reading this online collection is about the best introduction to the virtual world that you can find. “Portal to Possibilities” gives an overview of the overviews!

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