6. Promotion

The entrepreneurial spirit is ignited on virtually fertile soil. With less risk at stake financially or physically, the experimental nature of Second Life will always predominate. The contributors take advantage of this constantly moving landscape, with a population large enough to cultivate as customers, recipients, or audience. Even though there is a lot of competition, there is always room for anyone who wishes to try ideas.

Sim Street Journal: Immersive Impact

6. Promotionaudience development and product marketing can be practiced and nurtured.

Audience-building is a concern for every creative avatar. It is a world where residents love to “Show and Tell.” It is not enough to create a song or a sculpture. What is the point if no one sees it? Cultivating a real life audience is an expensive proposition, usually limited by geography. But in the virtual world, almost every artist has a personal gallery, every musician a homestead to have jam sessions. They all can quickly discover clubs and galleries with fans of their own. Presentation skills can be sharpened and feedback gained much more easily than when dealing with brick and mortar venue. It is much harder to get an audience to travel than to click.

“If you have a huge audience, you can sell anything. Get yourself known and get a lot of people to follow you. To build business takes numbers, exposure, and consistency.”

Arkad Baxton, virtual entrepreneur

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These are more thoughts on the themes that tie all the articles of eighteen issues together. To experience the hybrid publication, “Immersive Impact: The Best of SSJ #1–18” Collection, you will need an account in SL. Reading this online collection is about the best introduction to the virtual world that you can find. “Portal to Possibilities” gives an overview of the overviews!

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