8. Advice

Finally, everyone can look back and wish to do some things differently. It is very easy to make commitments in the virtual world, yet it takes a long time to really get to know people—especially collaborators. To discover the real people behind the avatars is a challenge that is necessary if sharing goals or projects. All the contributors to SSJ happily share their hard-won wisdom.

Sim Street Journal: Immersive Impact

8. AdviceEvery article ends with the contributors’ best advice.

So far, the mainstream activity within Second Life is devoted to the entertainment/fantasy side of the virtual world. It takes advantage of the unique characteristics of physical freedom and interactive potential. Entrepreneurs respond to that. Even representative avatars of large organizations are individuals first, creatively following their pursuits within an expansive society. Formed by decisions, each avatar’s second life has to connect authentically with the real self, or it will remain superficial. The virtual environment is challenging to self concept! It forces definitions and parameters. It is as varied as real life. At the end of the day, it has to be fulfilling for the people behind the avatars. Unlike real life, when activities are no longer “fun,” they are easy to abandon. The stakes are not very high. So to experience the environment on a deep level pulls at values, ethics, and beliefs.

The virtual world provides an education in what both motivates others and what motivates self, as fate has a smaller role there than does choice. This skews virtual reality to having and illusion of more control than in real life. It is liberating, and many build confidence, while others lose themselves in it. Reactions are revealing to self-discovery, where those who are self-aware become more so. And, “what goes around comes around,” as human nature connects back to the ancient Greek saying carved in stone: “To Thine Own Self Be True.” The virtual makes it more so!

“The Kevin M. Thomas Brand is transparent—the same in-world and out. With the combination of real world websites and my musician group in-world, I have reached, quite honestly, hundreds of thousands of people combined. Choosing to have a different persona, only limits you.

“My advise to a musician new in SL: never give up, never give in, never gravitate toward the powers that be, but continue to be yourself, to be fiercely independent, and be real. People will identify with, and respond to, that level of genuineness.”

—Kevin M. Thomas, musician
Sim Street Journal #6

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