Advertising in The Sim Street Journal offers entrepreneurs, artists, and presenters many advantages:
• Reach the cyber community through a network of 20,000 combined readers (in-world, online, and Marketplace), growing daily. The network is cross-sectoral, all sharing a focus of cyber entrepreneurialism.
Have a voice in building the virtual culture and commerce infrastructure. As pioneers, these definitions are chronicled on the pages of SSJ.
Grow visibility in vendors around the grid—trades locations, partnerships, collaborations, news centers.
Receive lasting exposure through well-trafficked back issues. Three articles per reader is a high exposure rate, back issues have an increasing download rate.
Use the magazine’s integrated marketing systems: in-world as part of a hub that gives readers tabs for Land Marks, information cards, offerings, and website links. Online, the click-through rates are also growing, as the advertiser matches with the needs of the readers.

Gain editorial content to augment marketing efforts. Those who include page links in Profiles and share with networks have a great tool for making connection. Legitimizing and expanding, shared networks are a win/win for everyone.

Monthly ad rates:
• Front section: $5,000 – 3,000L
• Mid section front: $2,500 – 1,500L
• Back section: Trade
• Online from $5,000 to $2,000L based upon position

Please submit:
• texture 600 pi by 900 pi portrait
LM, notecard, and/or web link
• online ad 300 pi by 300 pi jpg
• payment
• IM or EMAIL:

The magazine for those who seek significance, achievement, and relevance from the virtual to the real.
In a world of complete freedom, limited only by time, discover the choices and the motivations that define international exchange. Each profile and review imparts useful ideas and techniques won from experience. Entrepreneurs and creators, presenters and sponsors, share what it means to achieve significance in virtual worlds.

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Sim Street Journal explores the relevance of virtual to real commerce and culture.







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