6. Samara Barzane: Universal Symbolism

Symbolic Synergy explores the elements of Symbolism with Universalism, as exemplified by the work of Samara Barzane.

Review of work by Samara Barzane6. Universal

For Symbolism to have power, it needs to present the familiar in new ways. Creative thinking is to look at the same things that everyone else does, but to see something else. If only the creator knows the private meaning of forms used in a work of art, the communication will falter. Rather, to use objects, shapes, and colors that have known connotations are a greater challenge: to make an original statement without being trite. The simpler and more recognizable the form, the more difficult it is to say something new. But understanding is the whole point. The artist who finds satisfaction in finishing a work more than in garnering reactions to it becomes limited in growth. Art is both a personal release and an expression, but it has no significance if it stops at that level. With cameras at fingertips, photo controls growing, anyone can create images. To infuse them with original Symbolism gives the images reason to survive.

“Stockholm-Strindberg/Radmans” by Samara BarzaneSamara Barzane grows in international vision by incorporating images of her travels into series. Poignant in her blend of breaking up forms with recognizable clues, she expresses a personality of place by taking it apart. A range of her works can be viewed in a visit to her gallery, displaying subjects from dancers to beaches to European cities to asian urbanism. In “Stockholm-Strindberg/Radmans,” she captures both the personality of musical individuals, as she brings the viewer into an exposé of representative motifs. Her formalistic and patternistic sensibilities shine when balancing complex forms and strong color fields. Her strongest images are a surprising capture of new views, intriguing symbols, and exploratory compositions. With the popularity of collage as a common visual genré, it takes something very special to stand out. Samara can stand out, but if not careful, can blend in if revisiting well-trodden techniques. But even those that are not as thought-provoking are always sensitive and beautifully constructed.

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