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The Deeper Side of Light by Eleanor Medier, publisher


Unless experience is more than having fun, it doesn’t last. Many residents in the virtual world place having fun as a priority, but there is always an underpinning of intrigue, learning, sharing, and growing that keeps them coming back. Entertainment quickly reveals the most popular pursuits, and sets up an infrastructure to support it.

It is a rare resident that does not love music, dancing, and visiting galleries for visual enrichment. As creativity explodes in SL, the audience is treated to a constant buffet of cultural choices, escapes, and fantasies. One issue can’t cover all the wonderful ways of satisfying hungry enjoyments, but through examining contributors to some of the most common reveals motivations and realizations for all.


The Dynamics of Fun introduction by publisher Eleanor Medier, gives highlights and background.

The DJ series attempts to cover the range of motivations and relevance to real life.

Lorah (lohrahlahnah) is bolder in SL than in real life where she is a recluse. She describes in Renewed Through Music how relationships deepen due to distance and safety.

Musical Catalyst has a range of views are collected by Eleanor Medier (and of course includes comments) from the in-world article “More than Music: DJs Define Relevance:”

     Spiker Upshaw works to achieve a contrast from real life, to deepen his experience of music, and give continuity to his virtual life.
     Shockwave Yareach is the consummate party host. Sharing music to be social, he responds to the audience tastes.
     KJ Kiranov shows flexibility in hosting for many benefits, a variety of clubs, and many events as a popular host.
     Uzo Dayafter transforms when setting foot on the stage into setting a tone and atmosphere of community.
     Hy Gynoid deepens both his knowledge and appreciation of music as well as deepens his marriage to hosting with real life wife Isobela.
     Isobela Capalini participates with real life husband Hy Gynoid to hostess in-world to a large group of friends and fans.
     Dwight Georgia brings professional standards and polish to his radio-style DJ experience.
     West Habercom understands the technology from the provider side, knowing how better to serve from being on the customer side.
(Fogbound DJs have special commonalities and will be featured in Sim Street Journal #11.)

Ten Ways to Grow Projects, Careers, and EnterprisesProgress inspires cross-fertilization so Eleanor Medier examines how entrepreneurs grow. Included are contributors from three years of publishing, all sharing how they keep their organizations thriving. They understand the virtual patterns of achievement and success.

Aesthete & Amateur—ongoing series of banter between an art-loving professional and an antagonistic observer, each trying to convince the other, only to convince themselves:

• PART 1: Heavy Writer describes his reaction to an art-addictedover-spending wife in“Desperate Measures

• PART 2: Eleanor Medier has clear aesthetic priorities in “Focus Wins over Distractions

• PART 3 (only in-world): review at The Galleries: East of art by Amona Savira

• PART 4: review at The Galleries: East of art by Janine Portal

• PART 5 (only in-world): review at The Galleries: West of an installation by Louly Loon

• PART 6: review at Space 4 Art of art by Louly Loon


THE FUN  CONTINUES IN SSJ#11 to be released next:

“Living the Fantasy” by Greenie Lane, G&T Fashions

“Out of the Fog: the Common Commitment of Fogbound DJs”

The Aesthete and the Amateur review artists at Space 4 Art Gallery


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