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If you have been invited to be profiled in Sim Street Journal, or wish to recommend a candidate, please see our Editorial/Promotional Agreement.

Sim Street Journal is created and inspired by:


Eleanor Medier, Creator, has real world experience in every facet of book publishing from writing to design. With two years of experience on SL magazines, she is now the publisher of this new fusion of culture and business.

Kalanite Bluestar (Kala), a talented builder, designer, and sculptor, she utilizes an experienced eye, critical perspective, and impeccable taste. In real life, she has a wide range of business activities from information technology to accounting, from art to geology.

Bach Mayr serves as the distribution and accounting manager. He is all-business because he is really the alt for the magazine so that several staff can access to perform needed tasks. Any messages sent to him will be answered by available staff.

Throughthesewalls Moody owns MUSIC NOT POLITICS, INC. She works in SL with musicians on artist development or show promotion. In real life, she works with music licensing and marketing companies to place the musicians she represents.

Heavy Writer is a quintessential entrepreneur with small business experience. In SL, he has worked in building, rentals, sales, and managing. In RL, he has radio and business experience. He contributes and associate produces.

Ann Slanders has an in-world advice column for heart-weary or confused residents. She keeps an anonymous identity, but has many years of experience and a wide range of adventures. She will also protect the identity of those making requests. Notecards can be dropped in a box at the Sim Street Journal Publishing Office: (Innu 82, 36, 1650).


Contributions are encouraged if they cover topics relevant to the real world readers.
Comments and opinions are also encouraged.

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