5. Moewe Winkler: Symbolic Vocabulary

Symbolic Synergy explores the elements of Symbolism with Vocabulary, as exemplified by the work of Moewe Winkler.

Review of work by Moewe Winkler5. Vocabulary

This may be the most fun, and the most difficult, of all symbolic components because to define a distinctive voice amidst the multitudes of possibilities is a commitment. As the virtual world excels in experimentation, many creators seek uniqueness through trying various genré. Yet, the unique does not begin with style, it begins with propensity. The more the creator can source deep roots of emotion, opinion, and message, the depiction decisions follow. Many concepts transcend the media because they can be translated appropriately in various formats, using each to advantage. How a piece is created is less important than the concept inspiring it. With digital techniques, the categories of drawing, painting, prints, photographs, and collages, etc., no longer have relevance. And, many artists use digital technology to create forms that could never be done traditionally. Again, it is the results that matter, though technical virtuosity elevates a good work to a great one. Once an artist develops a point-of-view and a voice, the vocabulary of approach feels to be a natural, unforced, extension.

“Phantom” by Moewe WinklerMoewe Winkler offers sketch-like figures in dimensional, moving, environments. It is as if the doodles come to life, organize themselves, and dance around the picture plane. Mostly abstract, there are occasionally clear images of human forms, such as in “Phantom.” She pushes the forms into new relationships with the moving drips and pouring black paint over the surface. The images conceal, and reveal, in a mezmerizing cycle. Under the front surface, the evolving sketches underneath are reminiscent of the way people think—a process that is always moving in snatches of associations. Patterns form, progressions organize, and the segments of ideas come together, only to evolve and withstand whatever fate delivers. Phrases appear, and drip down only to disappear. Her vocabulary is simple, clear, yet unpredictable.

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Samara Barzane, “Stockholm-Strindberg/Radmans” at the Samara Barzane Gallery

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