Critic’s Choice Venue: Blues Hues by Kalanite Bluestar

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“Blues Hues”
Commentary by Kalanite Bluestar

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Music makes the Second Life® universe turn, or, to quote good SL friends: “Music is Life.” For many, the Blues aligns to the soul. It is like their life blood, requiring an IV drip of the sounds nightly. Personally, my SL nightcap is also filled with blue liquid, dripping into my heart, and reviving my soul, before bed. SL offers many clubs with various hues of the Blues—in a variety of time-zones that spreads this transfusion for deeper resonance.

The disk jockeys, or DJ’s, are the intravenous tubes pumping the Blues out into the SL needy. Reaching out now to every part of the globe inspires new listeners to the classics, and to what is going on today. DJ’s have an incredible range of  Blues classifications in their private music holdings. While hopping one night to 18 or so clubs, I was treated from 1920’s early recordings, 60’s classics, to current hits, from the Delta to Chicago to New York to Europe to Asia.

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There are a multitude of venues dedicated to the Blues in SL. Using the viewer Search for the word “blues” produces both large commercial ones down to small, quaint, private spots, with everything in between. What is “commercial”?  When done with care, visitors never feel it is a commercial music sim.  If they do, they won’t stay long. The crowd quickly thins out if host or hostess points out the venue, DJ, and host/hostess tipping requests more than once in fifteen minutes. Most music-lovers have been to this type of commercial sim and TP’d out fast—good blues or not.

Jaco Fitzpatrick is so dedicated to presenting the Blues that his club, Crossroads, has a museum in the basement! Known as one of SL’s cornerstones, he educates as well as en-tertains and is a legend in for helping to form the strength of in-world music.

Yanik Lytton, cofounder of Fogbound, is both a legend and an institution in the international virtual Blue community. Strict to present only Blues, each DJ or performer must pass her authenticity test and really know the Blues.

Caylene Linette, Cay’s Blues at Woodland Lake, has studied and learned ideas to improve in the music venue business, More into providing an environment than being a social butterfly, she is dedicated to hostessing a relaxed and comfortable community.

Van Hoffnung found his inspiration from a real life adventure. He faithfully replicates the Bagdad Cafe on Route 66. A small and intimate environment, even the kind of patrons mirror the real place—a culture in first life expands.


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(Please see the in-world release or download Sim Street Journal #2 for more photographs and articles, also available on MARKETPLACE).

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