4- Transform Limitations

4- Transform Limitations
Imogen and the Pigeons by Bryn Oh, 2013

Fourth in Series of Pivotal Projects
Chosen by Bryn Oh to represent her development as a virtual immersive artist
Reviewed by Eleanor Medier / Liane Sebastian, virtual art critic

Although Standby is the most literal suite in this collection, the story of Imogen goes even deeper emotionally. No longer is this a tale of human versus techno hybrids, it is a story of the deepest of psychological dilemmas. This is a tale of freedom, choice, and the illusion of immortality.

Bryn hits her stride in her incorporation of media levels.  The character of Imogen becomes iconographic and extends into a series of smaller works that interconnect, beginning with Imogen and the Pigeons. Bryn uses Imogen’s desire to fly with the pigeons she studies outside her window as a metaphor for her life—through her decisions. The world glimpsed through Standby is more fully developed and the predominance of the technical is challenged— both in subject and in presentation. Imogen symbolizes the journey of every artist through determining what lasts and what is let go.

Imogen and the Pigeons

Imogen becomes a lens into the expansive world that Bryn continues to present. Through her, viewers are introduced to some of Bryn’s major themes that set up continuity. It is a good starting point into experiencing the Singularity world, which parallels  the real world, but with more extremes. Perception, reality, and fantasy all provide various levels of narrative threads. Each character tries to control destiny by changing the situation, hiding from it, or escaping from the harshness through love. Each is ruled by decisions made, which always seem correct at the time, but have unintended consequences.

Imogen again focuses on a narrative which proceeds into other later works— specifically the Singularity of Kumiko. It also includes a wide range of new scripting and building advancements, which I learned to ensure that the narrative would not simply be a new story with the same composition as Standby. For example, scripts were created to allow the viewer avatar to defy realism by walking up walls and over ceilings— a new and unique action for many. It creates an experience with many more experiences within that one… so that the visitor did not just read a story, but could actively participate within it.” —Bryn Oh

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Becoming Brynreview by Eleanor Medier / Liane Sebastian
The various levels of Bryn Oh’s creations are represented by these seven pivotal works, chosen by the artist. Giving context to the review, Bryn’s voice gives even greater nuance to understanding both her work and experiences, combined to leave a lasting effect.

“1- Breakthrough Perception” review of Condos in Heaven by Bryn Oh
Ideas find new form in the virtual world.

“2- Integrate Media” review of Standby trilogy by Bryn Oh
Developing an underlying theme to tie series into a fictitious futuristic world, portrayed through strong plot structure.

“3- Imagine the Expansive” review of Virginia Alone by Bryn Oh
Incorporating levels of reality from memory recordings to virtual build to Machinima presentation.

“4- Transform Limitations” review of Imogen and the Pigeons by Bryn Oh
Discovering key moralistic conflicts of life, death, and the quality between, developed into narrative series.

“5- Choose Metaphors” review of Singularity of Kumiko by Bryn Oh
Integration of multi-media, giving strength to literary incorporation.

“6- Define Communication” review of Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh
Simplifies technologically-inspired relationship into representative metaphor.

“7- Experimental Themes” review of Obedience by Bryn Oh
Interprets classical theme from new perspective, designed for real world viewing.

The in-world edition has further comments on these pivotal works. This overview article can be like a guide into Bryn’s world, giving its own structure to appreciating her environments and immersive experiences. Viewers can’t just look at a piece and not wish to know more. Each is enigmatic on its own. Each hints of more levels to come. The in-world review explores how the virtual world serves as the stage for Bryn’s creations. Like the levels that she incorporates between media, and complementary messages that use the features of each, Sim Street Journal is also multi-media in a similar range: from experiencing sims in SL, to capturing representative images, to building themes using complementary online vehicles. This review of Bryn’s work is best experienced as a suite. It is now released in a PDF to archive. Receive the in-world different, yet expanding edition, click on the kiosk at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innu/40/36/1650or download PDF Sim Street Journal #18.
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