Reaching out to Reach in: Avatar Social Network

As Second Life® has evolved, it has not been alone. Other platforms become more and more integrated, most especially Youtube and Facebook. Savvy marketers realize that fans, customers, and friends now have more than one vehicle with which to connect to the virtual community. In other words, SL residents spill out of SL.

This is great news for businesses and organizations. It means that everyone is less dependent on Second Life. If anything every happened to that grid, for example, Sim Street Journal can still reach a large percentage of readers through Facebook. However, Facebook has great limitations. It seems to frown upon avatars and does limit organizational growth.


Designed just for those living second and first lives, Arkad Baxton has founded Avatar Social Network, which is growing impressively fast. It improves on the design of Facebook and offers more connective features. The interface takes a little getting used to, but it extends what everyone loves about social media.

Arkad describes the advantages of this new network:

“How would you like to earn lindens while you meet others, post stuff, share photos, and voice comments? Avatar Social Network is the fastest growing online Second Life community where you can create a fan page for your club, business, or art. Post blog articles, make new friends, and with all that, earn lindens! That’s right! This is the first social network in history that rewards you for everything you do. Post, share, tag, like, create, make friends. Everything you do is rewarded!

ASNadForSSJ“With an effective crew of programmers, administrators and moderators, ASN is welcoming and friendly. Explicit language and disturbing, offensive, taunting, or inciting behavior is not allowed. The network is strictly moderated to ensures a general environment. Make friends, build your community, and earn rewards as you go! That’s Avatar Social Network.”
Sim Street Journal is a charter member of Avatar Social Network.

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