Talia Sunsong

Talia Sunsong

Artists are rarely understood by other people because there is a self-preoccupation that they can’t grasp. The best expressions originate deep within the psyche, as anything less becomes decorative and shallow. In “Examining Different Aspects of Myself” Talia Sunsong might be interpreted quite differently without the title. With a giant central figure, this work could be about power over the little people, who are in different states of reaction. Because the theme of the competition was Triptych, it is easy to focus on three little characters gaining recognition by a Goliath. Are they a team as they ascend a climb to be seen? But, knowing these are various parts of herself, the white, purple, and red colors of the small figures take on significance. There is an interplay between them, such as intelligence, talent, and character. The red on is brave, confronting forces larger. The purple and white figures try to grow and improve, in what may seen a never-ending cycle.

Talia aspires to a greater self, portraying the smaller trio as what she can identify and increase her awareness. To be self-aware is part of the artist’s job, as only those expressions that emanate from deep beliefs will evoke a similar reaction. The struggle with self-improvement is universal to all those with the passion to create.

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