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Music has no true traceable beginning and no end. Many through the ages have shaped music and paved a path.  Right now where we are we will never be again.  The who, what, where, when, why, and how’s of where we are don’t really matter in the sense of where we are going.  Where we are going is a new path we are paving. I am here to help bridge the gap between the here and there and to help offer suggestions and take ideas of where the ‘there’ is.

”Our music community is truly unique and has shaped where we are and will continue to pave where we are going. Never before have fans been able to reach out and touch (click in our case) performers. Never has the relationship between performer and fan been so intense. Performers can now get feedback directly and instantly from fans rather than “suits” (managers, promoters and labels) until now!

“As we move forward we will explore the virtual music scene, the real life music scene and how to make them work together to better the entire music atmosphere.”

Throughthesewalls Moody, also known as Tara Lopes or “Moody” is the owner and CEO of MUSIC NOT POLITICS, INC. Moody has spent six years working with musicians performing in virtual realms.  Whether it’s artist development or show promotion Moody is hands-on. Her real life is spent working with music licensing and marketing companies in RL for music placement and other opportunities for the musicians she represents.  Moody finds joy in introducing others to the healing powers that music contains and sharing original music with the world.  Moody will now embark on the next stage of sharing her knowledge of music and the music scene as she takes on role as music writer for Sim Street Journal.


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