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The Sim Street Journal june 2013
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Presenting the mix of culture and commerce is challenging in the real world—mostly adversarial but always inter-related. In the virtual world, the mix of culture and commerce is far more successful—due to the international blend of participants that causes definitions to be well defined. In a world that is an even playing field with low overhead, equal opportunity, and appearances of choice, anything is possible. People are not used to having such freedom. The only limitation is time to spend, so each resident learns how to balance the two worlds.

The virtual world comprises the first truly international culture. Every sector mirroring real life has developed from real estate to entertainment to stock trading, even to catering (especially odd in a world that can’t taste food). Second Life® is a complete society. No one knows the exact size of the population, only how many people are logged in at once. During the day it hovers around 36,000; in the evenings, around 68,000. Not everyone logs in each day and many people have more than one avatar. But as a rough guesstimate, the total population comprises a medium-sized city in real life. And, like any city, it has its high culture, events, communities of interest, entrepreneurial barons, scammers, heroes, and criminals.

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The Sim Street Journal examines the relevance of this totally created world, and its potential impact, on the real one. It is impossible for so many talented, experimental, and tech savvy individuals to come together without having profound influence. Within its pages, SSJ will query what can be learned, gained, and used from the virtual commercial and cultural environments. Like its namesake, Wall Street JournalSSJ also seeks to bridge commerce and culture, but in this case, it is also between the virtual and the real.

Profiles, columns, and overviews:

“In-world to Out” examines why a second career is fulfilling for so many talented and visionary residents.
JUNE: “Finding Purpose in the Virtual World

“Relevance Review” discovers what the virtual world has to offer the real one through sector perspectives.
JUNE: “Music Renaissance

“Critic’s Choice: Artist” critiques artists by experts on the streets, to reveal first and second life balances.
JUNE: “Blindboink Parham Preserves Legends

“Critic’s Choice: Venue” critiques presenters by those who know, to explore the challenges and bridges.
JUNE: “Crossing Culture

Moody’s Musical Musings” by Throughthesewalls Moody
Preview of upcoming column.

“The Aesthete and the Amateur” launches humorous gallery critiques.
JUNE: “University of Western Australia 3D Art Challenges


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