2. Connections

Continuing the foundational themes that tie all the Sim Street Journal articles together, it is, first and foremost, a society. Social skills and desires are continually tested, but all the contributors agree on its strength.

Sim Street Journal: Immersive Impact

2. ConnectionsGiven the opportunity, people always seek a commonality with friends.

In a fluid society, getting involved with those who share similar interests is very easy. People are friendly and welcoming or they would not be in the virtual world. Most of the residents report that they don’t know too many people from their real lives that have second ones. This technology, though ten years old, is not mainstream. It is more like the lone scientist working in his lab, with a laptop to connect him to other scientists from far away. This is the dichotomy of the society: what is geographically far away becomes close, as it is more easily accessible than what is two miles away in the real world! The only barrier between participants becomes time zones, as language differences are handled by translator software.

Although Americans comprise about 40% of the population, causing “evening” to be the busiest time zone, the culture is 24/7. Europeans are about 40% as well; the remaining 20% include Australians (many!), Asians, South Americans. Often the host of an event will ask the guests where they are from in local chat, and it is fantastic to see the range of countries represented! Sim Street Journal has readers in 72 countries.

“SL is a way of getting to ‘go out,’ but in the comfort of my own home. It is a window on the world—or a backdoor. I get home, close the front door, settle in … then go out the ‘back door’ into the international virtual world.”

—Gerrard Winstanley, DJ and club owner, Sim Street Journal #13

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These are more thoughts on the themes that tie all the articles of eighteen issues together. To experience the hybrid publication, “Immersive Impact: The Best of SSJ #1–18” Collection, you will need an account in SL. Reading this online collection is about the best introduction to the virtual world that you can find. “Portal to Possibilities” gives an overview of the overviews!

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