Janine Portal

Janine Portal

Usually Janine Portal works in flat layers of collaged images superimposed. But for the Purpose Impossible show, she has crafted her 2D images into a 3D format. Leonard Da Vinci represents both artistic and scientific genius, forever blurring the lines between the two. Whenever a solution is elegant, it is always beautiful. Janine captures the expansiveness of this vision, blends the various aspects of his cultural contributions into a succinct juxtaposition. In choosing the fetus drawing, perhaps this represents the beginning of ideas, the progress of understanding, and the origins of humanity. Blueprints also express possibility and the wing drawings, the soaring of imagination.

To see Janine incorporate more 3D treatment than most of her work is a directional leap. Yet, what is missed are her levels of images that flicker and change one another by their very proximities and translucencies. Although “Pursue Impossible” is 3D, in some ways it is flatter than her 2D works! Yet, as a jumping off point into 3D, perhaps this will lead to a new series.

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