Two Sides of Music by Joe Dude

Joe Dude is a real life musician and being a virtual DJ allows him to be inspired by a range of music.

SSJ#11on-DJ joeAs a noob, I learned that DJ’ing was what I came here for, though I had no clue how to do it. So I did everything possible to become a DJ that is not a broken record.

I love telling people what the Blues are all about. If people compliment, I always say, “I love the blues… does it show?” My Saturday sets max the sim out and that is an experience all DJs should have. It is really humbling. Now, after three years, I DJ to the largest crowds in SL!

In real life, I am a blues guitar player. I am a show-off and go in the audience to see people watch me play close up. As with DJ’ing, I like to make sure they get their money’s worth and leave with a smile. When they come to my sets, they are greeted and welcomed. Then I play them the best damn blues I have!

I’m very proud of my collection. I remaster every song for quality and sound levels. It does not get played unless it has the best sound I can give it. I have Blues from all over the world and include music from places like the Philippines and Malaysia, because those are countries not know for the genré. But the Blues is, indeed, a universally spoken language.

I have so much fun DJ’ing, I don’t have time to do live acts here. So I get to love the music both ways. I am semi-retired now, due to get- ting my butt kicked once too often by a bull. So this gives me a genuinely good experience making people happy with music. I show how the Blues is not just a snappy beat, it is a feeling that is transferred through expression. One song can make a person happy, while the next person might start bawling their eyes out. This is the essence of the Blues—its intention from the very first slaves who began uttering moans and making instru- ments to tell of their torment and sadness. This essence is still alive. No other form can reach down into your soul and tell you what it all means. And this is what I spread through the Blues I play. I have turned many people to the music. A community of Blues lovers has formed in SL— those that always come back because they know the DJ will give them that fix they crave.


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