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SSJ#4-figuresSim Street Journal # 4,  2013


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Each contributor in this issue has created a world to invite others in, and to give back their most unique gifts. SL becomes a place for self-definition, and then self-development, where various visions can enrich and overlap. The invited participants can adapt these visited worlds to their own. Traveling into these viewpoints shows the very nature of progress.

Editorial Statement: “Telling Stories by SSJ creator, Eleanor Medier



Different yet the Same
Eleanor Medier introduces the special nature of the Blake Sea.

Legacy and Longevity
Ty Lomes
pays tribute to the past while he is realistic about the future. Founder of Snug Harbor with his father (and help from their friends), he leads the community in entertainment, events, and hospitality.

Nature as Redefined
Sudane Erato
exemplifies the balance between community and solitude. Owner of the New England estate sims bordering the Blake Sea, she combines independence and collaboration.

Tributes and Tales
Russell Eponym combines two art forms to advance tradition. As a musician, he performs classics and originals. As a poet, he brings the same sensibility to the written word, charming his audience with readings.

Social Media as Music Support
Throughthesewalls Moody (Tara) looks at the practical. In her ongoing quest to discover an economic foundation in the music industry, she examines social media and its role in promoting careers—pros and cons.

“From the Desk of Ann” (see in-world versus here online because many of the heartaches addressed need in-world solutions)
Ann SLanders focuses her critical attentions on those beleaguered by conflict. Welcoming all who suffer from relationship challenges, she generously speaks to the heart. Like the real life legend, defines etiquette.

The Aesthete and the Amateur: The Accident and the Albers
Eleanor Medier, publisher, and Heavy Writer, contributor, banter about visual art in SL. They take on the 3d installation, “House of Memories” (with works by Almut Brunswick, Moeuhane Sandalwood, Lilia Artis, and Haveit Neox). Large and complex, Eleanor leads Heavy through the boldest segments of the collaborative work, but is distracted by a work from neighboring ChapTer Kronfeld. Debating the literal versus the abstract, experiences versus stories, vagueness versus clarity, the unlikely couple is full of surprises.

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(Please see the in-world release or download Sim Street Journal#4 for more photographs, articles, and functionality. Also available on MARKETPLACE).


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