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Commentary by Kalanite Bluestar

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“Happy SL10B” (Happy Second Life® 10th Birthday) to all in SL and Linden Labs! The “Looking Forward, Looking Back” theme of the event, least I forget, “all starts with a cube.” This theme seems sometimes intentional and sometimes not. First, the overall event was split into a giant grid of mainly sim cubes. This was a bit disappointing, as residents are capable of extraordinary building techniques. However, the work was done by hundreds of volunteers, a monumental task of organization. Rules must be put in place to keep order—in true grid fashion.

The past two anniversaries I attended were also like a virtual county fairs. This special 10th year was marked by 22 sims of fairgrounds to explore, all named expressively: Impressive, Spellbound, Beguile, Wondrous, Astonish, Astound, Enchant, Fascinate, Pizzazz, Dazzle, Stupendous, Captivate, Stunning, Incredible, Mesmerize, Exhilarate, Magnificent, Awesome, and not to forget Bear Island, and the Corn Field. These names do capture what can be found when exploring any of the SL10B sims. Therefore, the names seem nondescript, and did not help in navigating around, though poetic and convey wonderment.


So the celebration was overwhelming for most. But once oriented, adventuring and celebrating with fellow SL residents was enhanced by the obligatory gorgeous celebration cake stage (good enough to eat—mmm wants some), Pod/Rail Tours, several huge outside event/live dance stages (each expertly built and sculpted), one DJ event stage inside a nuke power plant —a reminder of what powers the SL experience for many.

The wonderful work that SL residents painstakingly built to share at SL10B [was truly a montage of spectacularness.]—so much that it would take a week to see all the exhibits.  With wonderful music to enjoy, places to explore and learn about, groups from all over the globe to discuss their volunteer work, and of course the freebies to pick up, it was indeed a condensed version representing SL.

The effort, the talent,and the time that went into this impressive County Fair cannot be underestimated. Residents are totally grateful for the months put into the SL10B celebration. I wish everyone in SL the happiest 10th Anniversary and wish decades to come for all.

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(Please see the in-world release or download 
Sim Street Journal #2 for more photographs and articles, also available on MARKETPLACE).


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