Issue 10

Dynamics of Fun by Eleanor Medier, publisher

SSJ#10-online-openerIf there is one goal that every resident shares in the virtual world, it is to have a good time. In this way, the society can be viewed from the outside as frivolous, even as a game. Is not a society skewed when the majority of residents rate partying and exploring as top priorities? Might it be like ancient Pompeii where the resort atmosphere was an aphrodesiac? Is such a comparison not indicative of the need for people to find a relief from real stress and responsibility?

To have fun is rejuvenating, gains perspective, and uses life to its fullest. How people have fun in the virtual world varies from building dream houses to “clubbing,” to exploring, to pursuing hobbies, making friends. Taking three of the most popular activities (music, fashion, and art), fun is taken most seriously by those who pursue as vocations. Contributors to cyber culture this issue portrays a variety.

Music is shared through talented presenters—Disc Jockies (DJs)—who build strong fan-bases and collaborative relationships with venues. Each brings personality and style, which echoes into the personality of SL itself. Every resident has a few favorite clubs, often as an anchor for social life. Groups of friends form around the music and the DJs, with a friendly openness rarely found in real life.

Several were asked about the relevance of being a DJ to their real lives:

Renewed Through Musicby Lorah (lohrahlahnah) who combines music, dance animation, and the ambience of the total experience as club owner.

 “Musical Catalystcomparing various DJ viewpoints and how the virtual and real can enhance each other. See the in-world article, “More than Music: DJs Define Relevance” for the full contributions from this range of DJs. Inviting them was a journey. SSJ is supported by several popular music venue, has portrayed a few DJs in past issues, and has many friends in the business. So, every close resources was tapped: — SL Friends List—from almost years in publishing, there are many names that pop up. So, the ones known the longest include Uzo Dayafter and KJ Kiranov. — ContributorsChriscloud Loon and Spiker Upshaw are in past issues and are supporters of SSJ since the beginning. — Venue owner friends—if anyone knows great DJs, several long-time supporters do: Cay’s at Woodland Lake and Muddy’s in this issue, and Fogbound in the next.* — Friends of friends—Bixyl Shuftan suggested Shockwave Yareach and Chriscloud Loon mentors Lorah (lohrahlahnah).

Progress: Ten Ways to Grow Projects, Careers, and Enterprisescompiled by Eleanor Medier presents entrepreneurs who both have fun and grow enterprises. Comparing how virtual goals can be pursued, patterns emerge as well as contrasts in what best works. Ten entrepreneurs describe their approaches of having fun with purpose. They are all past contributors to articles and regular friends of SSJ.

The Aesthete and the Amateur continues the series where fictional art critic Eleanor Medier tries to educate her curious but naive husband Heavy Writer, who proves that he is only naive about art.

PART 1: Desperate Measures by Heavy Writer reacts to Eleanor’s spending spree by using his connections and resources.

PART 2: Focus Wins over Distractions by Eleanor Medier takes the couple to The Galleries: East, West, and North

PART 3: Amona Savira, The Galleries: East, is Heavy’s choice for discussion.

PART 4: Janine Portal, The Galleries: East, is Eleanor’s choice for discussion.

PART 5: Louly Loon, The Galleries: West that both Eleanor and Heavy agree upon. And, they wish to see more of this work.

online PART 6: Louly Loon at Space 4 Art 


THE FUN  CONTINUES IN SSJ#11 released next:

“Living the Fantasy” by Greenie Lane, G&T Creations, a fashion designer who has fused real and virtual lives, getting the most out of both.

“Out of the Fog: the Common Commitment of Fogbound DJs” that shares the wisdom and depth of their special dynamic. *As a favorite hangout for years, this group is famous on the grid for the Blues. Mae Vanistok and Bob Corrigible had much more to say than expected. Joe Dude, Axle Wharton, Stusie2Funny Emerald, and Michel Moeleneaux all add. They exhibit a commonality that defines the structure of their individual approaches.

The Aesthete and the Amateur review artists at Space 4 Art galleries



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