Issue 18

Pivotal Perspectives

Time is the only resource in life that can’t somehow be controlled. Yet everyone, especially creatives, strive to do this every day. Time is one factor that everyone has equally, yet few use it most effectively. When entering the virtual world, this consideration can’t be ignored, because time warps: it seems to go faster! Knowing intent, staying to priorities, and using skill to keep perspective, contributors in Sim Street Journal do a better job at harnessing this resource than anyone.

Capture Time” by Eleanor Medier describes how the contributors approach this most common, yet rare, resource.

Leading the time-exploiters is Bryn Oh. As an “immersivist” artist, Bryn’s productivity is awe-inspiring. Her comprehensive works are well known in the Second Life® landscape that is quite crowded with others that wish for her recognition. Bryn discusses candidly what it is like to be a multi-media artist, taking advantage of freedoms that the virtual provides.

For someone with such an abundance of ideas, it can be hard to keep projects simple. Bryn Oh finds a way to do both: work on a simple, stand-alone level as well as build complex symbolic structures, with a spectrum between. Her characters come alive and pull at heart-strings. Following the traditional literary elements of conflict, plot development, and compositions, her works push new ground in media. They are peppered with visual vignettes that offer clues to a comprehensive world populated with techno creatures who are more compassionate than their creators.

Insights from an Immersivist” by Bryn Oh

Becoming Bryn: Pivotal Works by Bryn Oh” review by Eleanor Medier

The best uses of time are also represented by cultural creatives who integrate first and second lives to the advantage of both. Contributors to Sim Street Journal describe how they balance. From all sectors of the SL creative landscape, they have run successful virtual careers for years, sharing the perspective of many phases.

Time in Simultaneous Worlds” by Contributors of SSJ

Worlds of Time” introducing collaborative images by Eleanor Medier / Liane Sebastian

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The in-world edition of Sim Street Journal #18 has articles (soon available here in PDF and on Marketplace, but until then, find in kiosks at advertiser locations and at the SSJ offices):

Developing Depth: An Aesthetic Approach” by Bryn Oh, Immersivist artist

Pivotal Perspectives of Bryn Oh” review by Eleanor Medier, critic and publisher

Freedom in Focus: Advice to Artists” by Bryn Oh

Worlds of Time: How contributors balance second and first lives” by Contributors to SSJ

“Who Has the Time?” Gallery of collaborative art based on time by Eleanor Medier

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