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ISSUE: Sim Street Journal Issue #7 • 2014 (CONTENTS)
n an ideal world, those who succeed are the most capable. Sadly, in the real world, often the most talented find roadblocks of timing, geography, even age. But in Second Life, an even playing field offers a new fulfillment of the ideal. Gone are considerations of race, location, gender, and chronology. All that matters, so residents may hope, is ability.

Yet realities of luck still enter this hopefully ideal world like a shadow from a street lamp. Contributors still need the right timing, response to need, skill set to meet it, and vision to carry it forward. The talented presented in this issue don’t depend on luck, though they may have found a nice dose. Each has created their luck by listening.

Is SL a meritocracy? Can the ideal life be achieved here? Can the advantages even spill over into real life? Such questions inspire these achievers and propel their momentum.

Luck is not something that simply happens to people. Luck is formed by being in the right place at the right time with responsive ideas. It is a set up that may not be dependable or predictable, but it is fed by persistence and passion. Each of these contributors is expert at matching their abilities with the needs that they perceive, beginning with themselves as representing the universal.


Suite Intelligence
KT Syakumi has an enviable momentum. Having entered SL in its early days, she represents the quintessential entrepreneur who envisions products that relate to what she needs, discovers how others need these tools, and finds sustainability in her IntelliGroup.

Emotional Translator
Paris Obscur is hard to categorize as a musician, which gives a freedom within his unique brooding style. Penetrating deeply to emotions and viewpoints, he listens to feelings, hears their tones, and inspires through others’ experiences.

Ear to the Ground 
Amy Nevilly has helped to grow SecondAds and many game products with visionary marketing. Offering ways for newbies to earn lindens, she was attuned to such needs in her first days. Working collaboratively, her company retains its consistent leadership.

Ask Ann
Ann Slanders does not shy from challenge. She listens to the trials and tribulations of those wishing for an ideal world, but finds that human nature operates by its own momentum. Her sage advice will soothe those emotionally weary. This article is exclusively in-world.

The Aesthete & the Amateur Part 1: “Mysterious versus Obvious Realism
Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer discover two artists who bring unique realities into the unreal:
• Part 2: Gem Preiz (“Aliens or Ancients”)
• Part 3: Liz Lemondrop (“Views to the Outside”)
Both show at the beautiful Angelwood Bay Galleries.

Fresh Eyes
Buckley36 reminds readers of what it means to be new and the quest begun by every resident upon rezzing. He represents the journey begun by all, and captures the enthusiasm that builds its own momentum.

HOT TOPIC: Copyright Clarity

Eleanor Medier is the real life business author of Digital Design Business Practices, published in three editions over ten years, that covers the realities of creatively based enterprises. The lack of knowledge by artists in SL of copyright law inspired this adaptation as a strategic tool.

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Enjoy different, but related, issue versions online and in-world (sim street journal #7).

Sim Street Journal examines the relevance of this totally created world, and its potential impact, on the real one. It is impossible for so many talented, experimental, and tech savvy individuals to come together without having profound influence. Within its pages, SSJ will query what can be learned, gained, and used from the virtual commercial and cultural environments. Like its namesake, Wall Street JournalSSJ also seeks to bridge commerce and culture, but in this case, it is also between the virtual and the real.

Index of all issues profiles, columns, and overviews:

“In-world to Out” examines why a second career is fulfilling for so many talented and visionary residents.
ISSUE 1: “Finding Purpose in the Virtual World” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 3: “The Best of Both” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 4: “Different yet the Same” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 4: “Legacy and Longevity” by Ty Lomes, Snug Harbor
ISSUE 5: “Courage to Speak” by Kylie Sabra, Curator, Rose Galleries
ISSUE 7: “Copyright Clarity” by Eleanor Medier, publisher Sim Street Journal

“Relevance Review” discovers what the virtual world has to offer the real one through sector perspectives.
ISSUE 1: “Music Renaissance” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 2: “Witness to the Virtual County Fair by Kalanite Bluestar
ISSUE 2: “Is the Future in the Past?” by Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 6: “Twelve Points of Relevance” by Eleanor Medier

Pioneer Profile” presents leading virtual entrepreneurs who reveal wisdom gained.
ISSUE 2: “Dancing with the Issues by Uzo Dayafter (Arkad Baxton)
ISSUE 3: “Quest to Do It Better” by Machess Lemton
ISSUE 3: “A Moving Momentum” by Galilla Sinatra, Rug Halberd, and Martin Yeats
ISSUE 4: “Nature as Redefined” by Sudane Erato, New England Estates
ISSUE 5: “Clearing the Fog” by Yanik Lytton, Fogbound Blues
ISSUE 5: “Fit for Survival” by Kaddan Yue, OMG! Inc. Fashions
ISSUE 5: “Reaching Out to Reach In” by Arkad Baxton, Avatar Social Network
ISSUE 6: “The Business of the Game” by Skip Oceanlane, Capital Exchange
ISSUE 7: “Suite Intelligence” by KT Syakumi, IntelliGroup
ISSUE 7: “Ear to the Ground” by Amy Nevilly, SecondAds

“Critic’s Choice: Artist” critiques artists by experts on the streets, to reveal first and second life balances.
ISSUE 1: “Blindboink Parham Preserves Legends”
ISSUE 3: “Only of the Heart from TerryLynn Melody” by Heavy Writer and Eleanor Medier
ISSUE 4: “Tributes and Tales” by Russell Eponym
ISSUE 6: “Interpret and Connect” by Kevin M. Thomas
ISSUE 7:  “Emotional Translator” by Paris Obscur

“Critic’s Choice: Presenters” critiques venues and managers by those who know, explores the challenges, and discovers bridges.
ISSUE 1: “Crossing Culture” by Kalanite Bluestar
ISSUE 2: “Blues Hues by Kalanite Bluestar includes:
• Jaco Fitzpatrick, Crossroads
• Yanik Lytton, Fogbound
• Caylene Linette, Cay’s Blues at Woodland Lake
• Van Hoffnung, Bagdad Café on Route 66
ISSUE 3: “Supporting the Stage” by Sparkie Cyberstar
ISSUE 5: “Fueling the Fire” by FreeWee Ling, Curator, University of Western Australia, 3D Art Challenges

Moody’s Musical Musings” by Throughthesewalls Moody:
ISSUE 1:  Preview of upcoming column.
ISSUE 2: “Economics of Musician Incomes”
ISSUE 3: “Closer though Farther
ISSUE 4: “Social Media as Music Support
ISSUE 6: “Fan Focus

“The Aesthete and the Amateur” by Heavy Writer and Eleanor Medier reviewing:
ISSUE 1: “University of Western Australia 3D Art Challenges”
ISSUE 2: “Rose Theatre and Galleries exhibits”
ISSUE 3: “Arguing Abstraction” by Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer
review 3d installations, recipients of LEA grants:
• Nino Vichan, “When the Mind’s Eye Listens”
• Cica Ghost, “Rust”
• Mantis Oh, “Ascension”
ISSUE 4: “The Accident and the Albers” by Heavy Writer and Eleanor Medier reviewing:
• Moeuhane Sandalwood, “Shadow of a Nightmare Past” from “House of Memories
• ChapTer Kronfeld, “Purgatory – Laeuterungsberg”  (Seven Deadly Sins)
• Haveit Neox, “The Backyard” from “House of Memories”
ISSUE 5: “Revenge versus Sacrifice” by Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer reviewing:
• Fran Benoir at Twilight Gallery
• Samara Barzane at Twilight Gallery
• Molly Bloom at Rose Galleries, Angelica Gallery, and her own gallery
ISSUE 6: “Accident versus Intention” by Heavy Writer and Eleanor Medier reviewing:
• Ally Aeon studio
• Ginger Lorakeet gallery
• Xirana at Active Gallery
ISSUE 7: “Mysterious versus Obvious Realism” by Eleanor Medier and Heavy Writer reviewing:
• Part 2: Gem Preiz (“Aliens or Ancients”)
• Part 3: Liz Lemondrop (“Views to the Outside”)
Both show at the beautiful Angelwood Bay Galleries

“New Voices” introduces Buckley36 with “Fresh Eyes

Ask Ann” advice column that runs in each in-world issue (available from kiosks in-world and Marketplace).This content deals specifically with issues inside the culture of SL. Some of the concerns asked to Ann SLanders have equivalents in real life. Enjoy the edgy concerns that puzzle many beleaguered avatars and seek help for the most perplexing causes of drama.


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